African Colonization

January 14, 1853

An article comments on the official organ of the Colonization Society, the African Repository, now in its twenty-ninth volume, and includes an excerpt from its current number.    After the excerpt, here are some comments from the editor:  “Of all the scoundrelisms, that is the most despicable which makes the complexion of a man the ground and justification of treating him like a dog; and it is the scoundrelism of the American Colonization Society, which not only ‘wages no war’ against the most vulgar and brutal prejudice ever known among mankind, but is ‘willing to let it remain as God has fixed it’! O, monstrous imputation!  Its pretended concern for the civilization and evangelization of the barbarous tribes of Africa, while it consents to the degradation and enslavement of millions in our own land, is unsurpassed on the score of brazen effrontery.  To say that it is impossible for the colored population ever to be elevated among us, is to declare that we are incorrigible in our villany — for it is nothing but that which retards the progress.  To say that they who are unfit to live with  us, and too debased ever to rise in the scale of improvement here, are just the missionaries wanted to extend civilization and Christianity in Africa, is to pour contempt upon the human understanding.”