July 28, 1843

Under the Refuge of Oppression, an item from the Northampton Democrat;

“It is already known to our readers that this bold reformer has come to spend the summer in Northampton……it is very critical of a recent speech in that city, by Garrison, near the town hall, on the ‘glorious Fourth’.  “He began with a lie in his mouth by asserting that he was refused admittance to the Town Hall. Every citizen of Northampton knows that the hall is free to all sorts of lecturers ….. he made a ‘long harangue against the town’ , thanking heaven that he was allowed to speak in the open air.   A band began to play, a number of people left the scene.. “This was a perfect test of the feelings of our citizens.”   With Garrison’s remarks “the clergy came in for the greatest share of abuse….But with all this disgusting balderdash, Garrison has great power as a speaker”….. townspeople gathered for the day and most ignored Garrison…. The unhappy Garrisonians  “withdrew to their unsocial home to plot mischief, and try to undermine the happy constitution, laws and institutions of our common country…”