Garrison makes his now-famous statement:  “I am aware that many object to the severity of my language; but is there not cause for severity? I will be as harsh as…

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1831 Garrison public personality

“ The south may reasonably be alarmed at the circulation of Mr. Walker’s  Appeal; for a better promotion of insurrection was never sent forth to an oppressed people.  In a…

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1831 Walker's Appeal

While commenting on the truth that “there is an effort to inflame the minds of the working classes against the more opulent”,  and concerned that there be no violence, he…

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1831 Working Class Issues

Lists 24 “TRUISMS”, of which here is a sampling: “All men are born equal, and entitled to protection, excepting those whose skins are black and hair wooly…..and their decendants”. “If…

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1831 Race Truisms - satire about racist ideas

1831 Walker's Appeal

A letter from “A Man of Color”. with no namer, offers encouragement. Here are excerpts: “I see before you a mountain over which you have to travel, steep and dark,…

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1831 Colored support for Garrison

1831 Walker's Appeal

1831 Walker's Appeal

A letter to the Editor,  from  “W” makes a strong statement that the conditions of the working class merit a dedication to change as much as the condition of the…

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1831 Working Class Issues

From a Colored Philadelphian, Feb 3, 1831 “I would ask some of our pretended white friends , and members of the American Colonization Society, why are they so interested in…

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1831 Colonization, Anti-colonization Cuffee, Paul

“Prejudice may be compared to a misty morning in October .  A man goes forth to an eminence, and sees at the summit of a neighboring hill, a figure of…

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1831 Prejudice

Garrison recites some of the History of Slavery in Mass, , citing the 4th volume of Collections of Mass Historical Society….including the visit of John Josselyn, 1638, lodging at the…

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1831 Slavery

1831 Slavery

Anti-Colonization Meeting — Feb 15th at the school house … Robert Roberts is Chairman, James Barbadoes,  Samuel Snowden, Hosea Easton, John Hilton, Thomas Dalton, Thomas Cole are prominently mentioned.

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1831 Colonization, Anti-colonization

1831 Masons Slavery

Reference to discussions of Walker,  includes something from “the pen of a gentleman of talents whose opinion we solicited of his criticism.”  G adds his own notes to this gentleman’s…

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1831 Walker's Appeal

1831 Russwurm, John B.

“V” quotes from Walker, and comments on specific arguments Walker makes. Here are some excerpts from “V”:  “Well done, David Walker!  I like your spirit, for it will work out…

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1831 Walker's Appeal

Considerable more discussion of Colonization, with a letter “correcting” Garrison’s comments on the circumstances of Russworm’s conversion to the Society, to which G makes a pointed response.

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1831 Colonization, Anti-colonization Russwurm, John B.

Here is an appeal for other newspapers to aid in distributing news of the anti-slavery movement. “Editors of newspapers, who are friendly to the cause of man, are requested to…

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1831 Abolition Movement

Another article from “V”,  titled, Walker’s Appeal No. 3, fills the entire first page and concludes on the second.  It includes long quotes from the Appeal, and comments such as…

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1831 Walker's Appeal


1831 Females

There are now 23 agents listed in various locations.  By the end of August there were 25, and by mid-September, 27 , including Cincinnati, and Port-au-Prince.  By early 1832 agents…

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1831 Abolition Movement

An item from the N. E. Baptist Register,  titled Religion Among the Poor:  here is an affirmation of the fidelity of poor people to the religion of Jesus Christ.  “The…

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1831 Working Class Issues

Includes LINES, composed by unnamed female for The Liberator …. Here are some of the “lines” from this poem: How can you eat, how can you drink, How wear your…

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1831 Females

By a Colored Lady from Middletown, July 29, 1831 “……I am induced to write a few words of encouragement to us as a people….”


1831 Females

Here are extensive quotes from Editors , commenting on the Turner rebellion. Comments based on the N.Y. Journal of Commerce, gain the rebuke of G; quoting and embellishing words from…


1831 Turner, Nat

A large article headed as A VOICE FROM ENGLAND!   It is about the American Colonization Society … Liberia Contains a description of the ACS and its settlement in Liberia, then…


1831 Colonization, Anti-colonization

1831 Colored Convention People of Color

From the National Journal  FREE MASONRY AMONG THE BLACKS Addressed, “Dear Sir”,and signed only “A.B.” “If there was to be devised a scheme for organizing and preparing the Southern blacks…


1831 Masons

1831 Slavery