1833 Anti-Slavery Society - New England

ANOTHER VOICE FROM ENGLAND A letter from James Cropper to Thomas Clarkson Liverpool, 10 month,  2d, 1832 The letter is critical of Clarkson’s support of Colonization:    “Great injury has been…


1833 Clarkson, Thomas Colonization, Anti-colonization

1833 Colored support for Garrison

In reference to the Colonization Society:    “ When this Society was organized, I was one of its warmest friends, and anticipated great good from its influence, both in Christianizing Africa…

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1833 Colonization, Anti-colonization Females Tappan, Arthur

1833 Females Stewart, Maria

1833 Massachusetts Courts & Slavery

This letter written to Garrison, from Paul, Bristol, England, April 10, 1833 Paul affirms that he finds in large crowds he addresses, that the sentiment toward Colonization is the same…

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1833 Paul, Nathaniel

SAVAGE BARBARITY  ! Miss Crandall Imprisoned !!! Garrison proclaims who are the  “the authors of this infamous proceeding”…. “They are friends of the American Colonization Society, and have made their…

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1833 Colonization, Anti-colonization Crandall, Prudence

1833 Georgia

Here is the story told in Mayer’s book, of the lecture given by Lloyd in London, June 10, 1833…..Cresson. agent of the ACS was also in London, and had been…

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1833 Colonization, Anti-colonization Cresson, Elliot Thompson, George

1833 Child, Lydia Maria

1833 Colonization, Anti-colonization Cresson, Elliot Wilberforce

A tribute to Wilberforce In regard to Child’s new work , her Appeal, a note from the Christian Watchman: After a reflection on her eminence as an author:   “We are…

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1833 Child, Lydia Maria Wilberforce

The Liberator :—-EXTRA.  Two page almost entirely devoted to the formation of and constitution of the Boston Young Men’s Anti-Slavery Association  —– an interesting by-line says:   “That which is wrong in…

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1833 Anti-Slavery Organizations

Includes item from Boston Evening Transcript, Oct 8   Refers to a handbill circulated widely in the city.  Indicates that “The Post of this morning” claims that the handbill was circulated…

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1833 Anti-Abolition O'Connell, Daniel Violence vs. Garrison & Others

1833 Anti-Slavery Organizations