With the title above, the article begins with, “Dear Sir”, and is signed only, “A Citizen of the World”   Here are excerpts: “ To you , who have taken of…

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1835 Irish People

Lane Seminary Important Anti-Slavery Document Full exposure of the gagging system Statement of the reasons which have induced the students of Lane Seminary to dissolve their connection with that institution.…

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1835 Beecher, Lyman Lane Seminary

1835 Colonization, Anti-colonization Smith, Gerrit

1835 Petition Drives

A Notice dated Feb., 25, Boston, from David Child and S.E.Sewall, for the Trustees, of the opening of Noyes Academy, for “youth of good character, without distinction of color”.     Announces…

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1835 Noyes Academy

Here are letters received from people who have heard George Thompson, one who comments that Thompson has lectured nine times in one week!   High praise for Thompson’s witness through all.

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1835 Thompson, George

1835 Churches Garrison Strategy - Criticism

An article from the N.Y. Courier & Enquirer, titled  “Shall the Government be Preserved, or the Abolitionists Have Their Will”   — a strong critique,  ending with words which include:  “….do…

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1835 Disunion

1835 Slavery

1835 Fanueil Hall

1835 Anti-Slavery Fast Day

From Boston Chronicle & Reformer : On O’Connell:   “This is the not the first time this brawling demagogue has spouted forth his foul-mouthed calumnies upon our blessed land……” Then a…

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1835 O'Connell, Daniel

Three Selectmen of the town of Canaan deny a published statement that the citizens of the town support the school.   Then follows an account of the removal of the school.…

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1835 Noyes Academy

1835 Otis, Harrison Gray

Two Epistles appear, with warnings of danger for Garrison: The first professes to be from a Bostonian, calls the Editor a damned rascal, warns that the paper is doomed, and…

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1835 Violence vs. Garrison & Others

Excerpt from the Richmond Enquirer.   This appears in the section of the paper, titled, Refuge of Oppression, a section which had previously been named,  Slavery Record, And contains proslavery views:…

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1835 Pro-Slavery

Includes a long piece by “Hancock”,  stating that the Mayor had in fact been a “co-operator with that ruffian mob.”,  very critical of the Mayor.   Also includes items for local…

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1835 Violence vs. Garrison & Others

1835 Violence vs. Garrison & Others

1835 Violence vs. Garrison & Others

Under the Refuge of Oppression section,  comments from other parts of the country,  including one which insists that G incites such mob action in order to gain sympathy for his…

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1835 Violence vs. Garrison & Others

Under the Refuge of Oppression column, is a notice from the American Baptist: The Baptist General Tract Society, noting that “one of our traveling agents has been active in promoting…

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1835 Churches