November 23, 1860 An urgent appeal for “every family and every person”, to continue the two-year campaign to have the “no slave-hunting” legislation adopted in the state.

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1860 Fugitive Slave Laws Massachusetts Legislature

November 23, 1860 An account of a recent meeting of the School Street Universalist Church, “to consider the suffering condition of our frontier Indians”. Those present resolve to call for…

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1860 Churches Indians

November 23, 1860 The story is of a large gathering, Nov. 17th, in Charleston, S.C., hoisting the State flag, with the people “vowing that the stars and stripes would never…

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1860 Secession

1860 Anti-Abolition Anti-Slavery Organizations Violence vs. Garrison & Others

December 14, 1860 A long article, signed by C.K.W., gives a detailed account of the event, including an account of the re-convened meeting at the Joy Street church.  Among those…

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1860 Anti-Slavery Organizations Chapman, Maria Weston Douglass, Frederick Phillips, Wendell

1860 Churches Parker, Theodore Phillips, Wendell

December 28, 1860 The South Carolina Convention met on November 20.  An ordinance was passed unanimously by 169 people, declaring that “the union now subsisting between South Carolina and the…

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1860 Secession