January 2, 1863 Several letters from subscribers are printed here, giving encouragement to the editor, after his concerns about the price increase, expressed in the last editions of 1862.

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1863 Liberator finances

1863 Emancipation Proclamation

1863 Emancipation Proclamation

1863 Emancipation Proclamation

1863 Anti-Abolition Emancipation Proclamation

January 16, 1863 This is an account of a meeting, in New Bedford, on January 1st, held under the auspices of the colored clergy.  Resolutions express support and joy at…

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1863 Colored support for Garrison Emancipation Proclamation

January 30, 1863 Here is a petition, addressed to the General Court of Massachusetts. An introduction says, “we publish it with the hope that it may be circulated extensively for…

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1863 Petition Drives Working Class Issues

February 6, 1863 A brief note that “a Washington correspondent says it is probable that an African bureau will be added to the Interior Department upon the application of the…

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1863 Emancipation Proclamation

February 6, 1863 A bill has  been approved in the US House of Representatives, which authorizes the President to enroll volunteers of African descent in the armed forces….also stipulates that…

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1863 Military - Colored

1863 Military - Colored

February 27, 1863 “The Emancipation Proclamation of President Lincoln was issued only a few days prior to the opening of the present session of the Legislature of Massachusetts.  Obviously it…

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1863 Emancipation Proclamation

February 27, 1863 “William Wells Brown, Dr. Smith, and Charles Lenox Remond, all colored, have been appointed recruiting agents for this regiment.  The camp was opened at Readville on Saturday…

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1863 Military - Colored

1863 Discrimination Prejudice

March 20, 1863 A brief article commends Senator Sumner, who moved an amendment to a question being considered about the incorporation of a horse railroad company in the District of…

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1863 Discrimination Prejudice

March 27, 1863 A letter to Garrison, includes two dollars, and a request for back copies of the Liberator.  The subscriber assures Garrison that copies have been read by Officers…

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1863 Liberator Military - Colored

1863 Indians

April 10, 1863 Argument in the House of Representatives, of the bill proposing to make legal a militia including negro members, is recounted here.   The bill was referred to the…

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1863 Military - Colored

1863 Abolition - Southern

1863 Women rights

1863 Sims, Thomas

1863 Sims, Thomas

May 8, 1863 Signed by W. L. G., Jr., he writes for woman’s rights. “The agitation of the negro’s rights, and the discussion of the rights of woman, have from…

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1863 Women rights

May 15, 1863 Under the Refuge of Oppression, from the Manchester Union,   “The Abolitionists will fail.  They accepted war, which might have been avoided with honor, because they thought it…

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1863 Anti-Abolition

May 15, 1863 At Tremont Temple, Sims is on the platform with his wife and child, and partners in his late escape.  “On arriving in Savannah, he was put in…

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1863 Fugitive Slave Laws Sims, Thomas

June 5, 1863 A detailed description the departure includes the route of the parade through the streets, the review by Governor Andrew, Frederick Douglass passing among the troops , bidding…

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1863 Fifty-Fourth Regiment Military - Colored


1863 Abolition - Southern Military - Colored

July 10, 1863 Frances D. Gage, writes to Garrison, appeals for people who will go South to engage in teaching newly freedmen.  “Our forefathers said, ‘in time of peace let…

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1863 Port Royal Experiment

July  17, 1863 Here is action by the Executive Committee of the American Anti-Slavery Society, relative to the proposition of the Rev. Moncure D. Conway who, has proposed that abolitionists…

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1863 Anti-Abolition

July 24, 1863 “Whoever attempts to charge upon the conscription act the origin of the late fiendish riots in New York and elsewhere, is to be set down as extremely…

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1863 New York Riots

July 31, 1863 An account of the assault, including the 54th Massachusetts Regiment is quite detailed, and affirms the bravery of the unit, and the large loss of life.

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1863 Civil War Fifty-Fourth Regiment Military - Colored

1863 Civil War Fifty-Fourth Regiment Military - Colored

August 7, 1863 Here is an order by President Lincoln, insuring that there should be “no distinction as to color in the treatment of prisoners of war as public enemies”. …

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1863 Civil War Lincoln, Abraham Military - Colored

September 11, 1863 “Our nation has made a long step forward in its course toward victory….Even if we creep slowly onward, hereafter as heretofore, it is now made certain that…

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1863 Civil War Emancipation Proclamation Lincoln, Abraham

September 25, 1863 This brief article begins with a description of the condition of Irish people in Ireland as a people “without education, very poor, under the absolute control of…

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1863 Irish People

October 9, 1863 Here is a letter to the Editor of the Pilot, with a direct criticism of its mis-representation of abolitionists, and its failure to represent Daniel O’Connell’s appeal…

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1863 Irish People O'Connell, Daniel

October 23, 1863 One again, here is the petition, sponsored by the Loyal Women of The Republic, through their National Association,  calling upon the Congress to enact emancipation of all…

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1863 Anti-Slavery Organizations Females Petition Drives

1863 Anti-Slavery Organizations