January 1, 1864 “We begin this number, the Thirty-fourth volume of the Liberator, and, in wishing our readers one and all a Happy New Year, take this opportunity to thank…

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1864 Liberator

January 1, 1864 New from Missouri, in a speech by Hon. Henry T. Blow, to a large audience at the Union League rooms, Washington.  “The latest intelligence from Missouri induces…

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1864 Emancipation Proclamation Prejudice

January 1, 1864 Under the Refuge of Oppression column, is  an article from the Boston Pilot. Addressing the “dire distress” of the time, it calls upon “men who govern” to…

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1864 Anti-Abolition

January 8, 1864 “In this period of ‘The Great Transition’ – and especially in that trying portion of it which is yet to come — the great necessity of or…

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1864 Emancipation Proclamation Lincoln, Abraham

1864 Petition Drives Stanton, Elizabeth Cady Women rights

January 29, 1864 Here Garrison speaks of his early years, telling how “I became an Abolitionist”, and giving tribute to Benjamin Lundy.  Garrison tells of his early meeting with Lundy,…

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1864 Lundy, Benjamin

February 12, 1864 A brief article includes some of the discussion in the Senate of a bill by Sen. Wilson, of Mass., which was intended to equalize the pay of…

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1864 Military - Colored

February 19, 1864 Notice of a gathering to honor Thompson, now to visit the United States.  “It will be an occasion of historic interest, and we trust eminently creditable to…

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1864 Thompson, George

1864 Child, Lydia Maria Lewis, Edmonia

March 4, 1864 A brief notice from the N.Y. Tribune indicates that the Board of Directors of the Fourth Ave Line of the City Railroad “have rescinded their order excluding…

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1864 Discrimination

March 11, 1864 This article signed by “D.B. H.”, from Providence tells of discussion in the House “Committee of Education”, of a petition by three hundred colored citizens, asking for…

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1864 Separate schools

March 18, 1864 In the introduction to this editorial there is a comment on the purpose of non-involvement in political parties.  “Standing, as we have stood for more than thirty…

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1864 Lincoln, Abraham

1864 Separate schools

April 1, 1864 A brief article comments that, “The failure of the President’s scheme of colonization of the Freedmen in Central America, does not surprise those who have given the…

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1864 Colonization, Anti-colonization

May 13, 1864 From the Atlantic Monthly for May, is an item about a “sketch from South Carolina, by a young lady of African blood, well known to many of…

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1864 Forten, Charlotte

May 13, 1864 This is based on a letter from Canton, Miss. Published in the Atlanta Appeal, April 13.  It is introduced as “evidence that the rebels are determined to…

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1864 Military - Colored

May 13, 1864 Here is a Joint resolution for amending the Constitution, as it passed the Senate.  There were six negative votes.  “It is believed that the requisite two-thirds vote…

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1864 Abolition Movement

May 13, 1864 From the N.Y. Independent comes news that Fairbank, who had served twelve  years of a fifteen year sentence, has now been pardoned by the Lieut. Governor, serving…

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1864 Fairbanks, Calvin

June 10, 1864 A long article by Charles K. Whipple begins: “It is plain enough that President Lincoln is not disposed to do justice to the colored people, either in…

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1864 Lincoln, Abraham

1864 Lincoln, Abraham

1864 Fugitive Slave Laws

June 24, 1864 This article tells of a gathering at “the colored church of which Rev. Leonard Grimes is the pastor.  They assembled to present Gov. Andrew with a portrait…

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1864 Andrew, John Brown, William Wells Nell, William Cooper

July 8, 1864 Henry C. Wright’s letter to Garrison lists twenty-four events which occurred after March 4, 1861, the date of Lincoln’s inauguration.  Wright lists them so that those who…

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1864 Emancipation Proclamation Wright, Henry

July 29, 1864 From the Plymouth Memorial, comes an article of extraordinary commendation of Garrison.   “It has been too much the tendency of reformers to assume an attitude of hostility…

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1864 Garrison public personality

1864 Fairbanks, Calvin

August 12, 1864 The letter is addressed to Garrison, as “My Dear Friend”.  Smith fears that, because of its support of Lincoln, some of its old patrons are giving up…

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1864 Smith, Gerrit

1864 Anti-Abolition Lincoln, Abraham

August 26, 1864 From the N. Y. Tribune, here is an article, which positively affirms the condition of slaves emancipated a year ago by Holland, in Surinam.  The writer quotes…

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1864 Surinam

August 26, 1864 Addressed to Garrison, Tappan regrets that he cannot attend a meeting to which Garrison has invited him, in Philadelphia, due to his age and infirmity.  “During the…

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1864 Tappan, Arthur

1864 Civil War

September 23, 1864 Douglass writes about a letter of his recently sent to an English correspondent, and published subsequently in the Liberator.  Douglass comments on that letter, and in the…

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1864 Douglass, Frederick Lincoln, Abraham

October 7, 1864 William Cooper Nell writes to Garrison, and includes portions of letters he has received from four colored soldiers.  “They contain a record of aspirations cherished, heroic deeds…

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1864 Military - Colored Nell, William Cooper

October 14, 1864 This is a telegraphic report of the Boston Journal, of the Convention, held in Syracuse.  Douglass was chosen as permanent chairman.  Others noted for leadership include, J.…

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1864 Colored Convention

1864 Lincoln, Abraham

December 2, 1864 With attention to the question of an amnesty for rebelling states and reconstruction of the government, this discussion ends with an affirmation of Lincoln’s assertion that “whether…

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1864 Reconstruction

December 30, 1864 Here is notice that the subscription price of the paper will be increased, from $3 to $3.50 per year.

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1864 Liberator finances

December 30, 1864 “The abolition of slavery in this country is the release of a population as large as that of all New England from a tyranny which crushed all…

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1864 Freedmen Bureau