February 11, 1853 A speech by Higginson, at Faneuil Hall, during the recent MASS annual meeting. “… I should speak on agitation, and not of agitators…. agitation is destined to…

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* ALL ARTICLES CHRONOLOGICALLY 1853 Anti-Slavery Organizations Higginson, Theodore Wentworth

November 11, 1853 At a recent meeting in Adrian, Michigan, the new Society was formed, with a constitution, and officers elected, and resolutions presented by Garrison, were adopted.

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November 10, 1854 A notice to the Friends of the paper, signed by Wendell Phillips, and Francis Jackson,  and an action of the Executive Committee of the American Anti-Slavery Society,…

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December 1, 1854 A letter to Garrison, from W. H. Fish, no address given, (Worcester area assumed) tells of a social gathering of abolitionists in Blackstone, an Anti-Slavery Social Party. …

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* ALL ARTICLES CHRONOLOGICALLY 1854 Anti-Slavery Organizations Foster, Stephen Higginson, Theodore Wentworth Tappan, Arthur

1855 Anti-Slavery Organizations New Hampshire

January 4, 1856 A letter to Garrison, comes from Charles E. Mickley, writing from Fairfield, Lenawee Co. Michigan.   He reports the proceedings of an Anti-Slavery meeting, knowing that “friends of…

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1856 Anti-Slavery Organizations

1856 Anti-Slavery Organizations Disunion

March 25, 1859 An account of a Convention, recently held in Worcester, in which fifty clergymen and laymen formed The Church Anti-Slavery Society of the United States.   They could not…

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1859 Anti-Slavery Organizations Churches

1860 Anti-Abolition Anti-Slavery Organizations Violence vs. Garrison & Others

December 14, 1860 A long article, signed by C.K.W., gives a detailed account of the event, including an account of the re-convened meeting at the Joy Street church.  Among those…

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1860 Anti-Slavery Organizations Chapman, Maria Weston Douglass, Frederick Phillips, Wendell

February 1, 1861 Garrison’s letter indicates that he has been ill eighteen days, and that today’s meeting of the Massachusetts Anti-Slavery Society will be the first of its annual meetings…

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1861 Anti-Slavery Organizations Garrison health

February 8, 1861 This article recounts a debate in the Massachusetts House of Representatives over a motion to allow the Massachusetts Anti-Slavery Society the use of Representatives Hall, in consequence…

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1861 Anti-Slavery Organizations Massachusetts Legislature

October 23, 1863 One again, here is the petition, sponsored by the Loyal Women of The Republic, through their National Association,  calling upon the Congress to enact emancipation of all…

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1863 Anti-Slavery Organizations Females Petition Drives

1863 Anti-Slavery Organizations

1865 Abolition Movement Anti-Slavery Organizations Phillips, Wendell Thirteenth Amendment

May 8, 1865 Difficult to summarize, too long to quote, the editor advocates for the dissolution of the AAS.  There are then quotes  from two papers, the Commonwealth, and the…

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1865 Anti-Slavery Organizations

1865 Anti-Slavery Organizations

June 2, 1865 More than two full pages of speeches as the AASS considers its continuance. With the decision made not to dissolve the organization, there is a Nominating Committee…

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1865 Anti-Slavery Organizations

This Association shall be the North Abington Church Anti-Slavery Society. Officers elected:   Rev. Willard Pierce, ,President;  Dea. Samuel Wales, Vice President;  Dea. James Ford, Secretary; Executive Committee: Mr. Solomon Ford,…

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1842 Anti-Slavery Organizations Churches

1842 Anti-Slavery Organizations Fanueil Hall