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September 22, 1848 An article by Quincy strongly condemns this “representative Body of the Congregational Churches of America”, meeting during the past week.  That body “has not withdrawn its former…

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February 16, 1849 Martin Stowell writes to Garrison, from Warren, Jan 30, 1849.  He tells the story of his wife, who wrote a letter to her church, charging them with…

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August 10, 1849 A letter to Garrison, signed by J. H.C, from Pepperell, tells of speeches by Lucy Stone at the Unitarian meeting house.  It indicates that the welcome of…

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September 21, 1849 In an article titled, Ecclesiastical Action Respecting Slavery, signed “C.K.W.”, here is a critical report of actions taken by the ministers at a May annual meeting.  The…

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October 19, 1849 From the Dover Morning Star, an article title, Evidence of Grace – Southern Theology tells of the visit of Rev. Dr. Bullard, of St. Louis, who spoke…

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November 9, 1849 Referring to his visit with the Mott’s, while in Philadelphia, Garrison acknowledges a special debt to them.  Remembering their early work with Benjamin Lundy, and abolition, he…

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June 28, 1850 An article about recent action at the Episcopal Convention, where there was a decision made “upon the question of admitting representatives from the African Church of St.…

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May 9, 1851 A report that the annual meeting of the First Congregational Society of North Brookfield has adopted resolutions which name the Fugitive Slave Law as “oppressive, unrighteous and…

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* ALL ARTICLES CHRONOLOGICALLY 1851 Churches Fugitive Slave Laws

* ALL ARTICLES CHRONOLOGICALLY 1851 Churches Fugitive Slave Laws

November 7, 1851 Henry C. Wright, writes from Indiana, where he has attended a Women’s Convention.  The Convention has adopted several strong anti-slavery resolutions. One Methodist leader, Bible in hand,…

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April 30, 1852 This notice is from the N.Y. Christian Inquirer.   From the Report of the South Carolina Methodist Conference, on Missionary operations among the slaves.  It compares contributions for…

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June 11, 1852 A brief article about the Society, composed in part of leading Universalist ministers, includes an anti-slavery resolution, which was passed without opposition.  The resolution expresses a fear…

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June 16, 1854 From the Southern Episcopalian , Charleston, S.C., here is a sample of the Catechism: Who keeps snakes and all bad things from hurting you —God does. Who…

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October 27, 1854 Correspondence from the N.Y. Tribune, indicate that the Genesee Annual Conference has taken strong action against the Fugitive Slave Law, and the Kansas and Nebraska Act, and…

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1855 Churches

February 22, 1856 The named organization is characterized as “that great incorporated representative of  the popular religion”    “The clergy generally, the deacons, and the weighty and influential brethren, as well…

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1856 Churches

April 18, 1856 A statement signed by three missionaries of the American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions, declaring that “American slavery is among the potent hindrances to the prevalence…

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1856 Churches

April 24, 1857 Under the Refuge of Oppression column, is a short article from the Boston Pilot, which speaks of the importance of the judiciary as an institution.  This comes…

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1857 Churches Disunion

May 8, 1857 A brief notice from the Boston Courier reports that more than one hundred prominent members of the New York Y.M.C.A. have withdrawn from the organization because it…

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1857 Anti-Abolition Churches

1857 Churches

July 31, 1857 The Thirtieth Session of the ‘Synod of the Reformed Presbyterian Church in North America, held in Ohio, has adopted Resolutions on Slavery, included here.  The Chairman, N.…

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1857 Churches

1858 Churches

1858 Churches Parker, Theodore

May 14, 1858 Under the title Pro-Slavery Influence of the American Bible Society, there are two long columns devoted to tracing the history of the organization in regard to slavery.…

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1858 Churches

1858 Churches

1858 Cherokees Churches

March 25, 1859 An account of a Convention, recently held in Worcester, in which fifty clergymen and laymen formed The Church Anti-Slavery Society of the United States.   They could not…

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1859 Anti-Slavery Organizations Churches

1859 Churches

February 24, 1860 In a long article, there is this item, giving substance to Garrison’s long debate with the American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions.  “Then again, the Congregationalist…

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1860 Churches

1860 Churches

June 15, 1860 A story of the anniversary of the group, held at the Tremont Temple.  Among the resolutions adopted is one which urges the Society “to give expression to…

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1860 Churches

August 3, 1860 Signed by  C.K.W., this brief article is titled, Hot, Cold or Lukewarm?  It recalls the separation of the Boston Society from the National Society, and charges that,…

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1860 Churches

August 10, 1860 This article begins with a commendation of the American Missionary Association, as a “thoroughly Anti-Slavery body, which “bears a vigorous and active testimony against our country’s great…

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1860 Churches

November 23, 1860 An account of a recent meeting of the School Street Universalist Church, “to consider the suffering condition of our frontier Indians”. Those present resolve to call for…

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1860 Churches Indians

1860 Churches Parker, Theodore Phillips, Wendell

May 10, 1861 A letter to Garrison is signed “M”.  The author decries the information that Millard Fillmore has accepted an invitation to preside at the Unitarian’s Annual Festival, to…

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1861 Churches Filmore, Millard

April 11, 1862 From “C.K.W.”  this article tells that the American Bible Society has recently refused to accept a contribution from the British and Foreign Bible Society. The writer assumes…

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1862 Churches

June 20, 1862 A long article tells of the tenth annual meeting of Progressive Friends, held at Longwood, PA.  The article includes a “Testimony on the Rebellion”, which says, in…

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1862 Churches

October 3, 1862 ‘The Chicago delegation, recently with the President, presented to him a memorial in favor of national emancipation, adopted  by Christians of all denominations, at a meeting held…

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1862 Churches Emancipation Proclamation Lincoln, Abraham

1862 Churches

This Association shall be the North Abington Church Anti-Slavery Society. Officers elected:   Rev. Willard Pierce, ,President;  Dea. Samuel Wales, Vice President;  Dea. James Ford, Secretary; Executive Committee: Mr. Solomon Ford,…

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1842 Anti-Slavery Organizations Churches