April 19, 1861 Other headlines for this article are:  The Federal Capital in Danger, Thousands of Troops Mustering, The North United At Last. “Hostilities have for the present ceased, and…

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1861 Civil War

1861 Civil War

April 26, 1861 Notice is given that the scheduled meeting of the American Anti-Slavery Society has been postponed.  “The reason given includes factors “arising from the treasonable attempt of the…

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1861 Civil War

1861 Brown, William Wells Civil War

1861 Civil War

1861 Civil War

July 12, 1861 A small item at the bottom of a page:  “The President’s Message was communicated to Congress on Friday last.  It is of moderate length, dispassionate but firm…

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1861 Civil War Lincoln, Abraham

July 26, 1861 Under the Refuge of Oppression column, from the Bloomington (Ill) Times, is a sarcastic article about “this barbarous civil war”… “Let’s smash up things generally, and return…

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1861 Anti-Abolition Civil War

August 23, 1861 From the New Bedford Republican Standard,  the article asserts that “Twelve thousand slaves, we are told, are employed by the traitors at Manassas, in building their fortifications…

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1861 Civil War

August 23, 1861 Signed by “A.W.”, this brief article asserts that,  “All the leading journals in the loyal States deny that the slavery question  has any thing to do with…

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1861 Civil War

September 6, 1861 The article is by “C.K.W.”, and is written in response to a correspondent of the Independent, who has “argued against a proposal that the President proclaim freedom…

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1861 Civil War Lincoln, Abraham

September 20, 1861 The article first commends the action of Gen. Fremont, “emancipating under martial law all the slaves belonging to the rebel slaveholders in Missouri”.  It then notes that…

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1861 Adams, John Quincy Civil War Lincoln, Abraham

September 27, 1861 Here is the text of the memorial, addressed to the Congress of the United States.  It includes: “.your honorable body is urgently implored to lose no time…

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1861 Civil War Petition Drives

1861 Civil War Runaway slaves

1861 Civil War Howe, Julia Ward

March  14, 1862 President Lincoln has urged that the United States offer “pecuniary cooperation” in case any slave state should adopt a gradual emancipation of slavery, including compensation “for the…

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1862 Civil War Lincoln, Abraham

1862 Civil War

September 26, 1862 The editor poses the choices for Abolitionists in response to the draft and the war. “Already, some Abolitionists have joined the ranks as volunteers, feeling that, in…

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1862 Civil War Emancipation Proclamation

July 31, 1863 An account of the assault, including the 54th Massachusetts Regiment is quite detailed, and affirms the bravery of the unit, and the large loss of life.

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1863 Civil War Fifty-Fourth Regiment Military - Colored

1863 Civil War Fifty-Fourth Regiment Military - Colored

August 7, 1863 Here is an order by President Lincoln, insuring that there should be “no distinction as to color in the treatment of prisoners of war as public enemies”. …

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1863 Civil War Lincoln, Abraham Military - Colored

September 11, 1863 “Our nation has made a long step forward in its course toward victory….Even if we creep slowly onward, hereafter as heretofore, it is now made certain that…

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1863 Civil War Emancipation Proclamation Lincoln, Abraham

1864 Civil War

1865 Civil War