March 13, 1857 A brief note calls attention to an abstract of the decision in another portion of the paper. “The decision is, to the last degree, infamous and tyrannical.…

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1857 Dred Scott Decision

March 27, 1857 From the Watchman and the Reflector, is the comment that the decision “works a complete revolution in our government”, that “If this decision be submitted to, there…

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1857 Dred Scott Decision

April 3, 1857 Included among several responses is a letter from Gerrit Smith, a long letter from the Hon. Joshua Giddings addressed to Judge Taney, and several short articles from…

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1857 Dred Scott Decision

1857 Dred Scott Decision

June 12, 1857 Signed only as “L”, the author offers a sarcastic version of Taney’s decision, given as if he was in attendance when the decision was announced.  The final…

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1857 Dred Scott Decision

1857 Dred Scott Decision

1857 Dred Scott Decision Nell, William Cooper

September 18, 1857 Here is a call for citizens of the free states to meet in Convention, in Cleveland. With a clear reference to the Dred Scott Decision, which has…

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1857 Disunion Dred Scott Decision

March 26, 1858 Almost two full pages are given to an address in the Masssachusetts House of Representatives, by John A. Andrew, “remonstrating against” the Dred Scott decision.

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1858 Andrew, John Dred Scott Decision