1835 Churches Garrison Strategy - Criticism

From Samuel H. Peckham, Haverhill, Mass,  Sept 7:  “It is painful to say these things of one whose general doctrines upon  slavery I believe to be correct; but the good…

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1837 Garrison Strategy - Criticism

March 3, 1843 Under the Refuge of Oppression, is an item from the Maine Cultivator, signed by “Xenos”.  It evokes a “middle course” for thought and action.  “If the Garrison…

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* ALL ARTICLES CHRONOLOGICALLY 1843 Garrison public personality Garrison Strategy - Criticism

November 22, 1844 The Mayor has withdrawn his permission for several speakers of “this Garrison Anti-Slavery Society” to speak, and this is a letter from citizens, commending his refusal.

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* ALL ARTICLES CHRONOLOGICALLY 1844 Garrison Strategy - Criticism Portland, Maine

July 30, 1847 Under “Selections” a long “Report of the Proceedings of the Commissioners. Printed by Order of the Court”, called to examine the defamatory charge of infidelity against Garrison.  …

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* ALL ARTICLES CHRONOLOGICALLY 1847 Garrison Strategy - Criticism

February 9, 1849 Placed under Refuge of Oppression, from the Boston Recorder, here is some flavor of the article, titled Calhoun and Garrison:  “Though influenced by somewhat different motives, Calhoun…

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* ALL ARTICLES CHRONOLOGICALLY 1849 Calhoun, John Garrison Strategy - Criticism

* ALL ARTICLES CHRONOLOGICALLY 1850 Garrison public personality Garrison Strategy - Criticism

January 13, 1860 Announcement of the debate to be at the Mercantile Library Association of Boston, January 16th.  The question to be debated:  “Has Garrisonian Abolitionism been of any practical…

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1860 Garrison Strategy - Criticism