April 30, 1847 A letter to Garrison, from J. F. Dorvelas Dorval,  March 3,  from Port-au-Prince, tells of the death of President Riche.  “He is dead – this soldier of…

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September 28, 1849 From the New York Tribune comes an account of the proclamation of the Haitian President, Faustin Soulouque, as Emperor, under the name Faustin I.   The article gives…

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August 6, 1852 There are brief items, from the Southern Press, the Newburyport Daily Union, The N.Y. Evangelist, the N.Y. Independent, and the Boston Herald, urging support for the recognition…

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July 23, 1858 An item which comments on a “contemptuous and brutal remark in the Washington Union:  “The negro empire of Hayti frequently reminds us of the way in which…

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1858 Haiti

1858 Haiti

March 16, 1860 From Le Progres, in Hayti, comes an article calling upon people to go to “the subscription offices opened in every town, to honor the memory of John…

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1860 Brown, John Haiti

March 23, 1860 A full two columns of this edition are devoted to this topic, translated for the Liberator.  The items are signed by the President and three Vice Presidents…

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1860 Brown, John Haiti

May 17, 1861 The letter is from Garrison, addressed to a meeting to be held at the Joy Street Church, by colored citizens, some of whom have asked for his…

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1861 Colonization, Anti-colonization Haiti

May 17, 1861 An account of an “animated and protracted”  meeting at the Joy Street church,  at which the gathered colored people pass resolutions clearly opposing the emigration “scheme”.

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1861 Colonization, Anti-colonization Haiti