May 20, 1842 A note saying that “one hundred and twenty Indians arrived at New Orleans on the 15th, from Florida, on their way to the far West.”

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May 19, 1843 Head Mingo of the Choctaws east of the Mississippi, replies to a speech by an agent of the United States.  Here is an excerpt: “…. When you…

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July 2, 1857 In a letter to Garrison, signed by D. M. Allen, from Westminster, attention is called to a “little work”, entitled, A Plea for the Indians, by John…

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1857 Indians

March 16, 1860 The story of “one of the military companies who wish to be paid for their services in exterminating the poor savages.  The recital is a horrible one.”…

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1860 Indians

November 23, 1860 An account of a recent meeting of the School Street Universalist Church, “to consider the suffering condition of our frontier Indians”. Those present resolve to call for…

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1860 Churches Indians

March 8, 1861 A report of actions taken by the group, meeting in Boston, in Allston Hall, on the 26th of February.   Resolutions include an assertion that there is no…

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1861 Indians

1863 Indians