Includes item from Boston Evening Transcript, Oct 8   Refers to a handbill circulated widely in the city.  Indicates that “The Post of this morning” claims that the handbill was circulated…

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1833 Anti-Abolition O'Connell, Daniel Violence vs. Garrison & Others

From Boston Chronicle & Reformer : On O’Connell:   “This is the not the first time this brawling demagogue has spouted forth his foul-mouthed calumnies upon our blessed land……” Then a…

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1835 O'Connell, Daniel

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Here Mott, from London, June 17 requests O’Connell’s views on the question of women in the Convention.   O’Connell’s response includes that at first he was against the inclusion of women…

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* ALL ARTICLES CHRONOLOGICALLY 1840 London Convention Mott, Lucretia O'Connell, Daniel Women rights

March 11, 1842 Signed by Daniel O’Connell and Theobald Mathew,  Here are few phrases, from this call for the Irish people of America to “JOIN  WITH  THE  ABOLITIONISTS EVERYWHERE.” …..…

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September 8, 1843 “Grand Project.  The following is one of the jeuz d-esprit to which repel has given rise:  ‘It is contemplation to build an aqueduct over the Irish channel, for…

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1860 O'Connell, Daniel

October 9, 1863 Here is a letter to the Editor of the Pilot, with a direct criticism of its mis-representation of abolitionists, and its failure to represent Daniel O’Connell’s appeal…

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1863 Irish People O'Connell, Daniel