“Prejudice may be compared to a misty morning in October .  A man goes forth to an eminence, and sees at the summit of a neighboring hill, a figure of…

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1831 Prejudice

Items from a lady who has resided in North Carolina for some time, tells accounts of how slaves celebrate Christmas.  One is a story of witnessing a slave celebration, which…

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1837 Prejudice

1837 Goodell, William Prejudice

1837 Anti-Slavery Organizations Churches Prejudice

Notice of appearance in a Kentucky court of a woman in slavery, who alleged she was white.  It was claimed that she had been in slavery from childhood until about…

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1837 Prejudice Slavery Slavery effects on whites

July 15, 1842 Here is an “Interesting Letter from England”, signed only W.H.Ashurst, from Musell Hill, Hornsey, April 30, 1842 The letter makes a number of points: “We are struggling…

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June 11, 1847   Under the column, Refuge of Oppression there are two brief notes about Bibb; one tells of Bibb, saying that he will probably go to England, as…

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* ALL ARTICLES CHRONOLOGICALLY 1847 Bibb, Henry Douglass, Frederick Prejudice

August 30, 1855 Under the Refuge of Oppression, a column from the New York Evening Mirror comments on the assertion of abolitionists, that a Negro man is like a White…

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1855 Prejudice

September 24,  1858 From the Chelsea Telegraph & Pioneer, there is an article in which reference is made the record of Robert Morris, Esq.  “The world is full of prejudices…

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1858 Morris, Robert Prejudice

April 29, 1859 From the Boston Traveler, a notice that during 1858, in Boston, nine colored males married to white women, the same number as in 1857.  “There is not…

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1859 Amalgamation Prejudice

1863 Discrimination Prejudice

March 20, 1863 A brief article commends Senator Sumner, who moved an amendment to a question being considered about the incorporation of a horse railroad company in the District of…

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1863 Discrimination Prejudice

January 1, 1864 New from Missouri, in a speech by Hon. Henry T. Blow, to a large audience at the Union League rooms, Washington.  “The latest intelligence from Missouri induces…

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1864 Emancipation Proclamation Prejudice