* ALL ARTICLES CHRONOLOGICALLY 1840 O'Connell, Daniel Remond, Lenox

February 18, 1842 This meeting, held in the Representatives’ Hall, began at an early evening hour, and continued until almost eleven.  Speakers included Remond,  Phillips, Frederick Douglass, Abby Kelley, and…

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* ALL ARTICLES CHRONOLOGICALLY 1842 Anti-Slavery Organizations Douglass, Frederick Kelley, Abby Phillips, Wendell Remond, Lenox

October 28, 1842  Latimer, a fugitive slave from Norfolk, Va., was pursued by his owner, James Gray, who had him arrested on a charge of larceny. A writ of habeas…

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* ALL ARTICLES CHRONOLOGICALLY 1842 Latimer, George Remond, Lenox Slaves - escaped

November 11, 1842 Here is an account of the Faneuil Hall meeting, in which it becomes clear that the “darkey” who had not been “listened to” was Lenox Remond.

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* ALL ARTICLES CHRONOLOGICALLY 1842 Latimer, George Remond, Lenox

January  13, 1843 Here is an account of  “A Church Mob, with the Minister at the Head of It”, which disturbed an abolitionist lecture in a Congregational Church in Phipsburg, Maine.…

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* ALL ARTICLES CHRONOLOGICALLY 1843 Discrimination Remond, Lenox

Jun 23, 1843 Here reference is to a committee, headed by Wendell Phillips, appointed to meet with Tyler, upon his coming to Boston, to urge him to emancipate his slaves. …

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June 10, 1853 Nell, Sarah Remond, and Caroline Putnam are denied entrance to an opera, though they have tickets. A court case is heard by Judge Russell, who finds against…

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* ALL ARTICLES CHRONOLOGICALLY 1853 Discrimination Nell, William Cooper Remond, Lenox

September 2, 1853 A communication from William C. Nell, written to Garrison, in which Nell includes a letter to Douglass.  Nell indicates that Douglass has “misrepresented my sayings and doings…

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