Appearing under Refuge of Oppression are minutes of a Connecticut Anti-Slavery Society,  from the New Haven Record. Abby Kelley appears at the meeting, and her presence creates controversy.  She is…

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* ALL ARTICLES CHRONOLOGICALLY 1840 Females Kelley, Abby Women rights

* ALL ARTICLES CHRONOLOGICALLY 1840 London Convention Women rights

Here Mott, from London, June 17 requests O’Connell’s views on the question of women in the Convention.   O’Connell’s response includes that at first he was against the inclusion of women…

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* ALL ARTICLES CHRONOLOGICALLY 1840 London Convention Mott, Lucretia O'Connell, Daniel Women rights

Woman’s Rights. – Major Tochman, the Polish exile, in a recent lecture, said, ‘during the war with Russia, even the Polish women engaged in raising forces, and taking command of…

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-William Lloyd Garrison's Best Lines & Headlines Women rights

* ALL ARTICLES CHRONOLOGICALLY 1847 Females Women rights

January 29, 1847 Here is a long article, under the title above, with no designation of source, except that reference is made to New York state.   It concludes:  “I fain…

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* ALL ARTICLES CHRONOLOGICALLY 1847 Females Suffrage Women rights

July 23, 1847  A long “admirable introduction by Mrs. C. M. Kirkland, to the equally admirable work, just published in New York by Fowlers and Wells, entitled ‘Woman, her Education…

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September 15, 1848 An account of a convention, held at the Unitarian Church, in the city of Rochester, August 12. During the convention, W.C. Nell reads an address which he…

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* ALL ARTICLES CHRONOLOGICALLY 1848 Mott, Lucretia Nell, William Cooper Women rights

February 9, 1849 Here is the first of articles on the titled subject, by Angelique Le Petit Martin, Trumbull Phalanx, Braceville, Trumbull Co., Ohio, Jan 17, 1849

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June 22, 1849 Here is a letter to the Editor, from Samuel Gregory, Sec’ry A.M. E. Society, at 25 Cornhill.  It indicates that the American Medical Education Society, with five…

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December 14, 1849 A petition calls for the State legislature to grant the vote to women.  The editor includes a preface saying that “the denial of the elective franchise to…

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January 9, 1852 An item by Wendell Phillips, urges upon all readers to circulate petitions to the legislature, asking for the “extension of the elective privilege to women”.  Those petitions…

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* ALL ARTICLES CHRONOLOGICALLY 1852 Phillips, Wendell Suffrage Women rights

October 22, 1852 Included is a letter from Harriet Hunt, 32 Green St., Boston, in which she addresses The Treasurer and Assessors of the City.  It is a “protest against…

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June 3, 1853 Record of a meeting in the Senate Chamber, filled to overflowing with a highly respectful and intellectual audience, gathered to hear Lucy Stone and Wendell Phillips, who…

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* ALL ARTICLES CHRONOLOGICALLY 1853 Phillips, Wendell Stone, Lucy Suffrage Women rights

November 3, 1854 The Christian Ambassador, the organ of the Universalists of New York, urges that Tufts College, “soon to be opened near Boston” be “opened freely to both sexes”.…

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November 17, 1854 Here is an item which indicates that Beecher has recently, in a lecture, avowed himself “a convert to the doctrine in women’s voting !!!”  He indicated ”…

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1855 Stone, Lucy Women rights

1855 Goodell, William Liberty Party Women rights

September 12, 1856 The Springfield Republican tells of a lecture by Anthony, at the close of the session of the Normal School Convention.  Her subject was, “Is it desirable that…

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1856 Females Women rights

1860 Tubman, Harriet Women rights

June 13, 1862 The article tells of a meeting recently held in Boston, in regard to “a new periodical to be devoted to the interests of woman.” The article includes…

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1862 Women rights

1863 Women rights

May 8, 1863 Signed by W. L. G., Jr., he writes for woman’s rights. “The agitation of the negro’s rights, and the discussion of the rights of woman, have from…

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1863 Women rights

1864 Petition Drives Stanton, Elizabeth Cady Women rights

1865 Women rights