The Emancipation Proclamation Three Million of Slaves Set Free!

January 2, 1863

“Glory, Hallelujah”

The text of the Proclamation is included, followed by an account of “the grand demonstration in this city, yesterday, at Tremont Temple, …probably the only public celebration of the kind in this section of the country.  The Proclamation of freedom was not received at the meeting until just previous to the adjournment last evening when it was read by Charles W. Slack.  The joyous enthusiasm manifested was beyond description….the whole audience rising to their feet and shouting at the tops of their voices …. After the meeting at the Temple, a large number wended their way to the Twelfth Baptist Church, where they joined in prayer and congratulations, and partook of a repast which had been there prepared.”  From The Boston Journal of Friday morning.