Two black women, on board a ship, signal distress from cabin window. Some men of color, seeing this, get a writ of habeas corpus, and the women are freed from…

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1837 Females Slaves - escaped

1837 Liberator

In the Juvenile Dept, a Talk to the Children –No 11 ARE LITTLE CHILDREN SOLD? Here is half a column of instances of children being sold into slavery

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1837 Juvenile Department Slavery

Under the  Ladies’ Department Letter from Female Antislavery Society of Concord, N.H., from Nov., 1835, addressed to Angelina Grimke, and in response to Grimke’s letter published by Garrison.  Letter expresses…

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1837 Females Grimke, Angelina & Sarah

1837 Anti-Abolition

1837 Females

Notice to “Friend Garrison” , from Charles Fitch, tells of abolition meeting which was disturbed by an ” irregular assembly of personages who seemed evidently to have congregated for a…

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1837 Violence vs. Garrison & Others

Under a heading,   Children of Boston, March 25, 1837, note addressed to Garrison, and signed by H.C. Wright, Children’s Agent, tells of a meeting of the Juvenile Anti-Slavery Society, at…

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1837 Anti-Slavery Organizations Juvenile Department Wright, Henry

1837 Anti-Slavery Organizations Females

Apparently from the New Orleans True American, saying that “Public opinion in the south, would now, we are sure, justify an immediate resort to force by the southern delegation  —EVEN…

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1837 Adams, John Quincy

Items from a lady who has resided in North Carolina for some time, tells accounts of how slaves celebrate Christmas.  One is a story of witnessing a slave celebration, which…

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1837 Prejudice

Mary Parker, President and Maria Weston Chapman, Cor. Sec. write to Female Anti-Slavery Societies throughout New England.  The letter commends Sarah and Angelina Grimke for their continued work against slavery,…

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1837 Anti-Slavery Organizations Chapman, Maria Weston Females Grimke, Angelina & Sarah

Ezra Stiles Ely writes of a slave he owns and who serves him willingly, and then goes on to excoriate abolitionists from the north.  While some southerners show too much…

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1837 Pro-Slavery

1837 Goodell, William Prejudice

1837 Churches Females

Under the Refuge of Oppression column there is a paragraph from C. F. Daniels, editor of the New York Gazette. It is introduced with this comment, .. ‘How complacent –…

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1837 Anti-Abolition Lovejoy, Elijah

1837 Preach & Practise

1837 Anti-Slavery Organizations Liberator

1837 Garrison public personality

Gulliver’s remarks are printed here, and the gist of his complaint is that one fault of the Liberator is that it is “cruel and unrelenting in its spirit”.  He complains…

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1837 Garrison public personality

1837 Forten, James Liberator

1837 Anti-Slavery Organizations Churches Prejudice

1837 Forbes, Abner

An account of the murder, is accompanied by a letter from John M. Krum, Mayor of Alton, describing the incident, and includes many comments from widely scattered sources, lamenting the…

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1837 Freedom of Speech Lovejoy, Elijah Violence vs. Garrison & Others

From Samuel H. Peckham, Haverhill, Mass,  Sept 7:  “It is painful to say these things of one whose general doctrines upon  slavery I believe to be correct; but the good…

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1837 Garrison Strategy - Criticism

Notice of appearance in a Kentucky court of a woman in slavery, who alleged she was white.  It was claimed that she had been in slavery from childhood until about…

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1837 Prejudice Slavery Slavery effects on whites