1838 Anti-Slavery Organizations Fanueil Hall Freedom of Speech Lovejoy, Elijah

Under Refuge of Oppression, there is a letter from the Southern Christian Advocate, which says of the Lovejoy incident:….”…he has so suffered under a strong conviction in the public mind…

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1838 Churches Lovejoy, Elijah

1838 Texas Annexation

Jan 15, 1838, from the National Intelligencer, comes the report of an address by Robert Barnwell Rhett, to the people of Beaufort and Colleton Districts, upon the Subject of Abolition.…

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1838 Anti-Abolition Pro-Slavery

1838 Females Grimke, Angelina & Sarah

Resolutions adopted, include the following: “Resolved, that we view slavery as a civil and domestic institution, and one with which, as ministers of Christ, we have nothing to do, further…

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1838 Churches

1838 Chapman, Maria Weston Females

1838 Churches

1838 Anti-Slavery Organizations Cent-A-Week Societies

1838 Anti-Slavery Organizations

A small item appears, unsigned, and without comment: “Rabbi.  Among the proud, full-blown doctors of divinity, who are found in bitter hostility to the abolition cause and its advocates, is…

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1838 Anti-Abolition Churches

An item from the Richmond Enquirer, titled, Preparations for Slaughter! Indicates that Gen Scott is to be dispatched to Cherokee country “to look down any opposition”, and that he is…

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1838 Cherokees

Here is a speech delivered by Lovejoy a few days before his death, at ” a great meeting of citizens of Alton”,  The claim is that Lovejoy wrote down as…

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1838 Lovejoy, Elijah

1838 Freedom of Speech Pennsylvania Hall, Philadelphia

An item titled Negro Suffrage  indicates that the House of Representatives in Connecticut has recently voted  by 164 to 33 not to recommend expunging the word “white” in the clause…

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1838 Legislatures of North & South Right to Vote Suffrage

1838 Anti-Abolition Pennsylvania Hall, Philadelphia

1838 Garrison public personality Martineau, Harriet

1838 Garrison July 4, 1838 Address

Here is an ad from a Free Labor Store, in Philadelphia, listing a supply of  Free Labor Cotton goods, for sale.

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1838 Free Labor Cotton Store - Free Produce

1838 Anti-Slavery Organizations Females Nantucket

Addressed to the Abolitionists of Massachusetts, signed by Francis Jackson, here is a recommendation  to abolitionists in relation to the “exercise of political privileges”. Here are pertinent excerpts:   “There are…

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1838 Abolitionists - Political Action

Under “Miscellaneous”, here is a summary of a study of Garrison by L..N. Fowler, a distinguished Phrenologist, who examined Garrison.  The article claims the study is one of striking accuracy…

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1838 Phrenology

1838 Females New England Non-Resistance Society

Here is a call to a meeting, addressed to the Colored Citizens of Boston, asking them to attend a meeting to be held in the Infant Room of the Belknap…

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1838 Colonization, Anti-colonization

1838 Smith, Gerrit