January 5, 1855  “We enter upon our new volume with undiminished zeal, courage and hope – warmly proferring toall our friends and patrons the loving salutations and wishes of the…

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1855 Liberator

January 5, 1855 An article from the N. Y. Evangelist tells of a ship, recently in the harbor, which was discovered to be “taking in boards and materials suited for…

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1855 Slave Trade

January 5, 1855  A Washington correspondent of the New York Tribune, tells of the purchase of  Burns by McDaniels, of North Carolina, and then appeals, “Anthony having many friends in…

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1855 Burns, Anthony

January 19, 1855 Notice of a meeting of the Society to be held in Worcester.  Signed by Adin Ballou, here is an invitation to the meeting.   It indicates that Garrison,…

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1855 Foster, Stephen New England Non-Resistance Society Non-Resistance Wright, Henry

January 19, 1855 From the Boston Evening Transcript, the story of Jackson, an alleged fugitive, who had been in the city for eight weeks.  A Capt Fox, pursues Jackson. Jackson…

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1855 Runaway slaves

February 9, 1855 Excerpts from Henry Ward Beecher’s lecture at Broadway Tabernacle (N.Y.) “The struggle between the North and the South is not one of sections, and of parties, but…

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1855 Beecher, Henry Ward

February 9, 1855 A letter to Garrison, comes from “R.T.”, in Philadelphia.  It comments on the oratorical power of Douglass, and cites parts of the speech in which Douglass says…

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1855 Douglass, Frederick

February 23, 1855 A notice that George W. Meeker, Esq., has resigned his office as U. S. Commissioner, in Chicago, “owing to repugnance to acting under the Fugitive Slave Law”

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1855 Fugitive Slave Laws

February 23, 1855 Craft writes to Garrison, from London.  “I was pleased to see that it required military force to return poor Burns into slavery.  I think the law would…

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1855 Burns, Anthony Crafts, William & Ellen Fugitive Slave Laws

1855 Houston, Samuel

1855 Burns, Anthony

1855 Separate schools

April 6, 1855 Here is the report of the Committee on Federal Relations, which cites its reasons for a request that Governor Henry J. Gardner “with the advice and consent…

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1855 Loring, Judge Edward Greeley

1855 Churches

April 20, 1855 From Greensboro, Georgia, comes a letter signed “Martin”.  It tells the story of a man in town who was suspected of being an Abolitionist, no name given,…

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1855 Anti-Abolition

April 20, 1855 An account of various amendments offered to the report of the Committee on Federal Relations, which has recommended the removal of the Judge.  These amendments were designed…

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1855 Loring, Judge Edward Greeley

April 27, 1855 Notice that I. S. Richardson, of  Boston, has invented a way of informing passengers of every succeeding station they are to arrive at, and its distance from…

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April 27, 1855 C. Stearns writes to Garrison, with an account of what is happening in Kansas. It is an account of the price of land, and includes the story…

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1855 Fugitive Slave Laws Kansas-Nebraska Act

April 27, 1855 Henry C. Wright addresses a long article to The Rev. Lyman Beecher.  Beecher has evidently argued for the right of the state to punish by hanging.  Wright,…

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1855 Beecher, Lyman Capital Punishment Wright, Henry

1855 Stone, Lucy Women rights

May 11, 1855 Here are notes taken at a lecture by the “colored dentist of Boston”, who has recently lectured in several places in the city.  The title of the…

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1855 Rock, John

May 18, 1855 Alarmed by the behaviour of  the “national executive in respect to Spain”, Child writes under the title, Another War to Increase the Profits of Slave-Generations and Human…

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1855 Child, David Lee War

May 18, 1855 The Governor has refused to remove Judge Loring.  After recounting the Governor’s stated reasons, the article comments:  “This is not a temporary issue.  It is no trifling…

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1855 Loring, Judge Edward Greeley

June 1, 1855 An article answers this question: “We answer no. Not while the existing Union stands. Its fate is settled. We shall briefly state of the reasons which force…

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1855 Kansas-Nebraska Act

1855 Anti-Slavery Organizations New Hampshire

1855 Nell, William Cooper

July 20, 1855 Under the Refuge of Oppression column, here is an article from the Louisiana Courier.  “Is there no hope for the South and its people in the impending…

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1855 Disunion

August 10, 1855 Under the Refuge of Oppression column, is an account of this three-day meeting of pro-slavery advocates.  It lists ten resolutions passed, including one which recommends retaliation to…

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1855 Pro-Slavery

August 17, 1855 William Cooper Nell has an article about the last days of the separate school, the Smith School.  The article notes the “lack of zeal for examination day,…

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1855 Nell, William Cooper Separate schools Smith School

August 24, 1855 This article calls attention to the death of Lawrence, and recounts a recent gathering at Faneuil Hall in his memory.  The article recognizes his many contributions to…

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1855 Lawrence, Abbott

August 24. 1855 Higginson writes to Garrison, commenting on a report by Edmund Quincy, which indicates that the rescue was “ill-advised and injudicious”.  His response includes: “If it is ever…

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1855 Burns, Anthony Higginson, Theodore Wentworth Quincy, Edmund

August 30, 1855 Under the Refuge of Oppression, a column from the New York Evening Mirror comments on the assertion of abolitionists, that a Negro man is like a White…

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1855 Prejudice

1855 Abolitionists - Political Action

1855 Separate schools Smith School

1855 Goodell, William Liberty Party Women rights

1855 Anti-Abolition Phillips, Wendell

November 2, 1855 Three full pages of this edition are devoted to speeches made on this occasion, by many who were present then, including Garrison, Parker, Phillips, Jackson, Wright. None…

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1855 Anti-Abolition

November 16, 1855 A letter to Garrison, is signed , “G.W.S.”, and tells the story of a fugitive slave from Richmond, who was sheltered in Milford overnight, then the next…

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1855 Slaves - escaped

November 26, 1855 Here is notice of a pamphlet, now available, which contains the speeches made at the time of the twentieth anniversary of the Mob of “Gentlemen of Property…

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1855 Anti-Abolition Hilton, John T. Nell, William Cooper

November 26, 1855 This letter, from Garrison, is dated October 29, 1855, and comes from the Hall of Free State Constitutional Convention, Topeka. Garrison believes that Free State people outnumber…

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1855 Kansas

December 7, 1855 William Cooper Nell writes an account of the Convention, held in Philadelphia. Amos Beman presides, and speakers include Remond, M’Clune Smith, Robert Purvis, and Frederick Douglass.  A…

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1855 Colored Convention Nell, William Cooper

December 14, 1855 William Cooper Nell culls from The Liberator, some memories of what Garrison has said and stood for.  , “showing that, from his first advocacy of anti-slavery to…

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1855 Garrison public personality Nell, William Cooper

1855 Females

December 28, 1855 The story of a presentation to Nell for his efforts on behalf of Equal School Rights.  The gathering is at the Southac Street church, and includes, a…

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1855 Nell, William Cooper Separate schools Smith School