January 9, 1857 From the Leeds (England) Mercury, a lead article recounts in some detail the characteristics of Slavery in the United States. It concludes: “It is surely impossible for…

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1857 Slavery

1857 Anti-Slavery Society - New England

January 9, 1857 From the Boston Telegraph, is acknowledgment of the Liberator’s 27th volume. It quotes Garrison as saying that ‘We have never yet published, nor omitted to publish,  a…

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1857 Liberator

January 16, 1857 Continuing coverage of the twenty-fifth anniversary of the Society, includes a speech by William C. Nell.  In his speech there is a reference to Heyrick. “Among the…

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1857 Anti-Slavery Society - New England Heyrick, Elizabeth Nell, William Cooper

January 16, 1857 Notice that Sumner has been re-elected as Senator, in the Senate by a unanimous vote, in the House, with twelve votes in opposition.  The article comments:  “Let…

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1857 Sumner, Charles

January 23, 1857 Under the Refuge of Oppression, from the New Orleans Picayune, is an article, under the title, The Negro Rumors.  The article affirms that all is peaceful among…

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1857 Black Laws

January 30, 1857 Here is a Disunion Petition being circulated in Ohio, addressed to the legislative bodies of that state.

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1857 Disunion

January 30, 1857 “Sudden visitation – Preston Brooks Dead! …He died a horrible death,  and suffered intensely — endeavoring to tear his own throat open to get breath.  His personal…

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1857 Brooks, Preston

1857 Disunion Liberator

1857 Brooks, Preston

February 6, 1857 From the Boston Evening Ledger, comes an article, titled, The Lunatics Let Loose. Some words excerpted, give a sense of the article: “The fools are not all…

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1857 Disunion

1857 Disunion Douglass, Frederick

February 13, 1857 An article from the Portland Inquirer, makes an argument against disunion, “which we do not remember having been stated.”  It comments on the nationalization of slavery since…

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1857 Disunion


February 20, 1857 From the Newark Daily Advertiser, is a notice of a concert to be scheduled by the Hutchinson Family.  “They have very much lessened their hold on public…

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1857 Disunion Hutchinsons

February 20, 1857 William Cooper Nell writes on Feb 16, and recounts “cheering indications” of events which “should stimulate the friends of humanity to continued well-doing, for success will ultimately…

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1857 Separate schools

March 6, 1857 Notice that Garrison is to deliver the closing lecture before the Newburyport Lyceum. There is speculation about how he might be received in his home town where…

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1857 Garrison public personality

March 6, 1857 The College is situated near McGrawville, Cortland County, and “is at present manifesting gratifying signs of success.”  Note is made that it admits students “irrespective of denominational…

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1857 Buchanan, James

March 13, 1857 A brief note calls attention to an abstract of the decision in another portion of the paper. “The decision is, to the last degree, infamous and tyrannical.…

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1857 Dred Scott Decision

March 20, 1857 Much of this issue is devoted to the decision, with a long article under the column Refuge of Oppression, and other articles from the New York Evening…

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March 20, 1857 Sumner, on his way Europe, via the steamer Fulton, writes “to Boston”. It urges that people not be disheartened by events in Kansas.  “I trust, also, that…

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1857 Kansas Sumner, Charles

March 27, 1857 There is a “Remonstrance of Judge Loring”, in which the Judge submits his response to petitions for his removal, and another longer article from the Boston Daily…

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1857 Loring, Judge Edward Greeley

March 27, 1857 From the Watchman and the Reflector, is the comment that the decision “works a complete revolution in our government”, that “If this decision be submitted to, there…

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1857 Dred Scott Decision

April 3, 1857 Included among several responses is a letter from Gerrit Smith, a long letter from the Hon. Joshua Giddings addressed to Judge Taney, and several short articles from…

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1857 Dred Scott Decision

April 10, 1857 Under the Refuge of Oppression column is a response to Garrison’s comments on George Fitzhugh’s ‘Cannibal’s All; or, Slaves Without Masters’.  “Garrison is a clamorous, hot-headed, bull-necked,…

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1857 Garrison public personality

1857 Dred Scott Decision

April 17, 1857 A two-line note:  “Capt. John Brown. ‘the hero of Ossowatamie’, has left Boston for Kansas.”

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1857 Brown, John


April 24, 1857 Under the Refuge of Oppression column, is a short article from the Boston Pilot, which speaks of the importance of the judiciary as an institution.  This comes…

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1857 Churches Disunion

May 8, 1857 An account of the vote by the Massachusetts Senate, and its letter to Gov. Gardner, requesting the removal of the Judge.  A comment is that the editor…

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1857 Loring, Judge Edward Greeley

May 8, 1857 A brief notice from the Boston Courier reports that more than one hundred prominent members of the New York Y.M.C.A. have withdrawn from the organization because it…

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1857 Anti-Abolition Churches

1857 Slave Trade

1857 Sumner, Charles

1857 Churches

June 12, 1857 Under the Refuge of Oppression column, from the Delaware Democrat, a few words to give its flavor:  “William Lloyd Garrison, the notorious nigger-worshipper, blasphemer, and disunionist, lectured…

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1857 Garrison public personality

June 12, 1857 Signed only as “L”, the author offers a sarcastic version of Taney’s decision, given as if he was in attendance when the decision was announced.  The final…

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1857 Dred Scott Decision

July 2, 1857 Under the Refuge of Oppression column, from the Newberry, S.C. Rising Sun, is a list of Friends and Foes of Slavery, copied from the New York Day…

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1857 Anti-Abolition

July 2, 1857 In a letter to Garrison, signed by D. M. Allen, from Westminster, attention is called to a “little work”, entitled, A Plea for the Indians, by John…

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1857 Indians

July 24, 1857 From the Charleston, S.C. Mercury, the editor includes an account of a celebration of Independence Day, in which there is considerable language about the “natal day of…

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1857 Anti-Abolition

July 31, 1857 The Thirtieth Session of the ‘Synod of the Reformed Presbyterian Church in North America, held in Ohio, has adopted Resolutions on Slavery, included here.  The Chairman, N.…

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1857 Churches

August 14, 1857 From Cairo, Illinois, is an article about a band of people who have been capturing free negroes, taking them across the Mississippi River to the Missouri shore,…

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1857 Slave Trade

1857 Dred Scott Decision

1857 Dred Scott Decision Nell, William Cooper

September 18, 1857 Here is a call for citizens of the free states to meet in Convention, in Cleveland. With a clear reference to the Dred Scott Decision, which has…

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1857 Disunion Dred Scott Decision

October 2, 1857 In this issue the Call for the Northern Convention, lists names of those who urge attendance.  Names are listed from seventeen states, and a note at the…

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1857 Disunion


October 23, 1857 Here is announcement of postponement of the Convention, “in view of the sudden paralytic shock which has fallen upon the whole country, in regard to its financial…

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1857 Disunion

October 30, 1857 Three lines tell that Burns is now a student in the Fairmount Theological Seminary, and that he has studied  a year or so at Oberlin.

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1857 Burns, Anthony

November 6, 1957 Notwithstanding the official postponement of the National Convention, there is an account here of a “highly interesting and spirited gathering” of delegates from Indiana, Michigan, southern Ohio,…

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1857 Disunion