1858 Churches

January 1,  1858 An article from the Worcester Spy calls attention to the composition of the  Senate committees.  “… the six great leading committees all have chairmen, and a majority…

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1858 Abolitionists - Political Action

January 1, 1858 Several articles tell of a continuing slave trade, focusing especially on Cuba, and also on the French trade.

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1858 Cuba Slave Trade

January 8, 1858 A Boston correspondent of the New York Post, indicates that he has heard from Sumner’s own lips that he has no intention of resigning his seat in…

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1858 Sumner, Charles

January 29, 1858 There is a column about a Special Meeting of the School Committee, in Providence, in which there is debate about “colored schools”. In another column the editor…

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1858 Separate schools

March 12, 1858 Report of the gathering at Faneuil Hallall, in commemoration of the 87th Anniversary of the Boston Massacre, and in memory Crispus Attucks.  William C. Nell chairs the…

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1858 Boston Massacre Non-Resistance

1858 Burns, Anthony Loring, Judge Edward Greeley

March 26, 1858 Almost two full pages are given to an address in the Masssachusetts House of Representatives, by John A. Andrew, “remonstrating against” the Dred Scott decision.

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1858 Andrew, John Dred Scott Decision

March 26, 1858 This issue includes the text of Governor’s order removing Loring, and an article celebrating that “the deed is done”.

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1858 Loring, Judge Edward Greeley

March 26, 1858 With Judge Loring removed, this article now calls for a decree” that no human being shall be put on trial in the State, before any tribunal, to…

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1858 Fugitive Slave Laws

April 2, 1858 Much of the first two pages is devoted to reaction to the removal of Loring, including three columns under the Refuge of Oppression,   Personal Liberty Bill Defeated…

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1858 Fugitive Slave Laws Loring, Judge Edward Greeley Massachusetts Legislature Pro-Slavery

1858 Slavery Slavery - Mud-Sill defense

April 9, 1858 In this issue there is a long column from the Boston Courier, opposing the removal of Loring, and using strong words of protest against the Liberator.  The…

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1858 Loring, Judge Edward Greeley

1858 Churches Parker, Theodore

May 14, 1858 Under the title Pro-Slavery Influence of the American Bible Society, there are two long columns devoted to tracing the history of the organization in regard to slavery.…

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1858 Churches

May 14, 1858 Three articles announce action to emancipate serfs in Russia.  One refers to a Proclamation by Emperor Alexander, establishing committees in five provinces, to carry out the emancipation…

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1858 Russia

1858 Churches

June 4, 1858 In a letter written while on board the steamer Vanderbilt, Sumner writes that his condition still requires caution.  He indicates that had he realized his wounds would…

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1858 Sumner, Charles

June 4, 1858 At the New England Anti-Slavery Convention, both Garrison and Phillips speak in tribute to Loring.  Loring died of an illness “so short that most persons did not…

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1858 Loring, Ellis Gray

1858 Fugitive Slave Laws Massachusetts Legislature Petition Drives

June 25, 1858 This petition to the Senate and House of the General Court of Massachusetts.  The petition demands the right of suffrage for women, “a right which involves all…

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1858 Petition Drives Suffrage

July 2, 1858 In the Refuge of Oppression column, an article from the N.Y. Sunday Atlas,  is a vitriol-filled criticism of Sumner.  Words like “charlatan”, “humbug”, “quackery”, are common as…

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1858 Sumner, Charles

July 2, 1858 From the New York Tribune, an article about the Convention, with Spiritualism as the “predominant” feature.  A range of concerns is indicated by the resolutions passed, including…

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1858 Reform Convention

July 9, 1858 Under the Refuge of Oppression column, from the Richmond Whig, an article comments on “how dangerous and troublesome” the Yankee is in the state of freedom, and…

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1858 Anti-Abolition

July 23, 1858 An item which comments on a “contemptuous and brutal remark in the Washington Union:  “The negro empire of Hayti frequently reminds us of the way in which…

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1858 Haiti

1858 Colored Convention

July 30, 1858 William Cooper Nell provides a false statement from the Virginia Herald, which says that Burns is now in the Penitentiary of Mass., convicted of robbery.  Nell indicates…

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1858 Burns, Anthony

August 6, 1858 Here is a brief report of the Convention, held in New Bedford. It was “largely attended”, and was “spirited and interesting”.  William Wells Brown was Chair. Resolutions…

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1858 Colored Convention

August 13, 1858 Here, in a speech, Garrison comments on the falsehoods which have been circulated about Burns, says that Burns has visited him in his office, that the assertions…

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1858 Burns, Anthony

August 13, 1858 Here is a record of the Convention, in celebration of the 24th anniversary of British West India Emancipation.  Here is a complete account of the Convention, with…

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1858 Colored Convention

August 20, 1858 W. Robson, an Englishman, traveling in the United States, who writes to the editor, gives his impressions of Kentucky, and Ohio, contrasting the slave and the free…

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August 27, 1858 Two brief articles comment on Senator Douglas, who is running for re-election to the Senate in Illinois.  “The impression of those who heard him for the first…

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1858 Douglas, Stephen

August 27, 1858 “The cooley trade, as now organized and developed, is unquestionable and perpetual slavery.”  The brief article then describes how the trade functions, from kidnapping to shipping, to…

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1858 Slave Trade

September 10, 1858 The editor tells of his visit to the state where “we commenced our public advocacy of the Anti-Slavery cause, through the medium of the Journal of the…

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1858 Vermont

1858 Slavery effects on whites

September 17, 1858 “The American press is, to a fearful extent, in the hands of a cowardly, mercenary and unprincipled class of men, who have no regard for truth in…

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1858 Press Attacks

1858 Haiti

September 24,  1858 From the Chelsea Telegraph & Pioneer, there is an article in which reference is made the record of Robert Morris, Esq.  “The world is full of prejudices…

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1858 Morris, Robert Prejudice

1858 Cherokees Churches

November 5, 1858 A letter to Garrison, comes from Sarah Clay, writing from Lowell.  In it there is high praise for Sarah P. Remond, who “is not so well known…

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1858 Remond, Sarah

November 5, 1858 A letter from London, brings encouraging news of the health of Thompson, who has “suffered fearfully from a complication of maladies”.

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1858 Thompson, George

December 10, 1858 An account of a gathering of “personal and political friends” of Giddings, who gave him a dinner at the Parker House.

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1858 Giddings, Hon. JR

December 31, 1858 Under the Refuge of Oppression column, here is an extract from a message of the Governor of Florida to the Legislature of that State.     He affirms…

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1858 Slavery

1858 Slaves - escaped