January 21, 1859 As a memorial signed by William Cooper Nell, is brought before the Legislature, asking for the vindication and protection of the rights of colored citizens. Rep. Mr.…

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1859 Anti-Abolition Massachusetts Legislature Nell, William Cooper

1859 Beecher, Henry Ward Parker, Theodore

February 4, 1859 Under the Refuge of Oppression column, an article from the Paris (Kentucky) Flag, begins with a listing of mules, colts, stock cattle which are for sale. The…

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1859 Slave Trade

February 18, 1859 A letter to Garrison, from Rock, indicates that his health has so improved, that he has been able to resume the practice of his profession.  He has…

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1859 Rock, John

February 18, 1859 “Oregon, with its tyrannical constitution, outlawing all free colored  persons, was admitted to the Union on Saturday last, by a vote of 114 to 103 in the…

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1859 Black Laws

February 25, 1859 Here is an appeal from Susan B. Anthony, directed  To The Readers of The Liberator in the State of New York.  Anthony calls for women to sign…

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1859 Anthony, Susan B. Fugitive Slave Laws

March 18, 1859 This notice recalls for readers that Buffum was the first President of the New England (now the Massachusetts) Anti-Slavery Society”

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1859 Anti-Slavery Society - New England Buffum, Arnold

March 18, 1859 S. M. Seaver, writes from Vermont, proud that “passage of the Personal Liberty Bill by our Legislature must be hailed by every friend of freedom….as an unmistakable…

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1859 Vermont

March 18, 1859 Two articles, one from the Boston correspondent of the Anti-Slavery Journal, and another from the Boston Christian Watchman, which calls, since the “State is making land about…

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1859 Webster, Daniel

March 25, 1859 An account of a Convention, recently held in Worcester, in which fifty clergymen and laymen formed The Church Anti-Slavery Society of the United States.   They could not…

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1859 Anti-Slavery Organizations Churches

March 25, 1859 Here is a list by town of the number of persons who have signed the petitions “for a law to prevent the Rendition of any fugitive slave…

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1859 Fugitive Slave Laws Massachusetts Legislature Petition Drives

April 1,  1859 From the New York Commercial Advertiser comes an account of the “brutal and disgraceful manner”  in which a lady from Brooklyn was recently driven from  Aiken, S.C. …

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1859 Anti-Abolition

April 8, 1859 An extended accounting of Buffum’s anti-slavery witness, a man “of untiring zeal, indomitable courage, unwearied diligence”.

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1859 Buffum, Arnold

1859 Fugitive Slave Laws Massachusetts Legislature

1859 Employment Opportunity Office Slaves - escaped

1859 Disunion Fugitive Slave Laws

April 29, 1859 From the Boston Traveler, a notice that during 1858, in Boston, nine colored males married to white women, the same number as in 1857.  “There is not…

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1859 Amalgamation Prejudice

1859 Slaves - escaped

1859 Brown, William Wells Colored Convention Hayden, Lewis Nell, William Cooper

June 10, 1859 Notice of a series of lectures to be delivered at Tremont Temple by Prof. Fowler. The notice also indicates that examinations are available daily by Prof. Fowler,…

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1859 Phrenology

June 17, 1859 This brief article tells that William Wells Brown has recently given an “entertaining and instructive dissertation on Love, Courtship, and Marriage”, at the Joy Street church. Also…

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1859 Brown, William Wells Rock, John

June 17, 1859 Recently convened in Baltimore, there is an article about resolutions passed. Comment by the editor includes:  “They are troubled that so many slaves run away; and they…

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1859 Anti-Abolition

1859 Colored Convention

August 5, 1859 At the gathering celebrating West India Emancipation, Garrison, in his speech comments on a recent visit to Plymouth.  “… on going down to the world-famous Rock, I…

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1859 Fugitive Slave Laws West India Emancipation

1859 Mann, Horace

1859 Colored Convention

August 26, 1859 A brief article commends “the intelligent, dignified and orderly manner in which those proceedings were conducted throughout…”  It comments on the wide coverage given in the daily…

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1859 Colored Convention

August 26, 1859 The Aug 26 edition includes that it is Vol xxix, No. 34 ,  whole number 1606 The Sep 2 edition    includes that it is Vol  xxix,  No.…

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1859 Liberator

September 2, 1859 C. C. Burleigh writes to Garrison, calling attention to an error in numbering of the paper. The paper for Nov. 12th, 1858, is numbered 1456, the next…

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1859 Liberator

September 2, 1859 An article from the Richmond Enquirer lists prices brought for slaves on the Richmond market.  For instance:  Men, 20 to 26 years,  from $1450 to $1500….girls, from…

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1859 Slave Trade

September 9, 1859 Under the Refuge of Oppression column, here are extracts of a speech by Davis, before the Democratic State Convention, in Mississippi, July 1859.  The speech is statement…

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1859 Anti-Abolition Cuba Davis, Jefferson Pro-Slavery

September 9, 1859 An article urges people to circulate two petitions, one urging the legislators of Massachusetts to enact legislation which will put an end to slave-hunting in the state,…

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1859 Fugitive Slave Laws Petition Drives

September 9, 1859 An article tells of the inaugural of the Webster statue, in front of the State House, which is soon to take place.  “Of course, Edward Everett is…

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1859 Webster, Daniel

September 16, 1859 An article on the inauguration of the statue, scheduled for the next day, calls for petitions to the state legislators to remove the statue from the State…

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1859 Webster, Daniel

1859 Churches

October 21, 1859 A great portion of a page is given to dispatchs, providing initial details about the John Brown raid at Harper’s Ferry.  Dispatchs come from Baltimore, Monocacy Bridge,…

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1859 Brown, John

October 28, 1859 A long article begins with praise for John Brown:  “.. all who know him personally are united in the conviction that a more honest, conscientious, truthful, brave,…

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1859 Brown, John

October 28, 1859 In the Refuge of Oppression column, an article from the N.Y. Journal of Commerce, begins: “No wonder that some of the leading organs of Republicanism writhe under…

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1859 Brown, John

October 28, 1859 There are two letters commending the lectures of Holley in parts of Maine. “And it is certainly a hopeful omen, that ministers, lawyers, members of the State…

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1859 Holley, Sallie

November 4, 1859 The Executive Committee of the American Anti-Slavery Society calls upon people to observe that “tragical event, on the day of its occurrence, in such manner as by…

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1859 Brown, John

November 4, 1859 An excerpt of Child’s words:   “Brave old man!  Brave and generous, though sadly mistaken in his mode of operation. Whether they put him to death, or he…

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1859 Brown, John Child, Lydia Maria

1859 Brown, John Douglass, Frederick Thoreau, Henry David

1859 Brown, John

* ALL ARTICLES CHRONOLOGICALLY 1859 Brown, John Douglass, Frederick

November 11, 1859 In a lecture at Tremont Temple, Emerson referred to Brown:  “The Saint, whose fate yet hangs in suspense, but whose martyrdom, if it shall be perfected, will…

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1859 Brown, John Emerson, Ralph Waldo

1859 Brown, John Child, Lydia Maria

November 18, 1859 From the Utica Herald comes notice that Smith is an inmate of the New York State Lunatic Asylum, “where it has been found necessary to place him…

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1859 Smith, Gerrit

1859 Brown, John Emerson, Ralph Waldo

November 25, 1859 A note indicates that Sumner has arrived at his home on Hancock Street. “He is in good health, and looking well, and was not injuriously affected by…

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1859 Sumner, Charles

1859 Brown, John