January 6, 1860 “With this number we commence the thirtieth volume of the Liberator.  It has been a long, desperate, eventful, ‘irrepressible conflict’ with the most ferocious and satanic system…

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1860 Liberator

January 6, 1860 Derived from the New York Independent, here is the story of James Power, a native of Wexford, Ireland, twenty-three years of age, a stone-cutter by trade. He…

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1860 Working Class Issues

1860 Anti-Abolition Brown, John

January 13, 1860 Here there is comment on two poems by Whittier, both on the final page of this edition.  “… we think there is not the same magnanimous recognition…

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1860 Brown, John Whittier, John Greenleaf

1860 Working Class Issues

January 13, 1860 Announcement of the debate to be at the Mercantile Library Association of Boston, January 16th.  The question to be debated:  “Has Garrisonian Abolitionism been of any practical…

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1860 Garrison Strategy - Criticism

January 20, 1860 Sarah P. Remond, writing from London, describes how her sister, Mrs. Putnam, and friends had bought first-class tickets from Boston to Liverpool, but were not allowed to…

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1860 Discrimination Remond, Sarah

1860 Discrimination Military - Colored

January 27, 1860 Whittier fells that in Garrison’s recent comments regarding his poems about Brown, has implied that he, Whittier, has relinquished previous strong pledges in abhorrence of war and…

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1860 Brown, John Non-Resistance Whittier, John Greenleaf

February 3, 1860 Written from Rome, Dec 24, 1859, there are extracts from a letter written to a friend in Boston.   Commenting on news of the execution of Brown:  “Of…

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1860 Brown, John Parker, Theodore

1860 Rhode Island Separate schools

February 24, 1860 In a long article, there is this item, giving substance to Garrison’s long debate with the American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions.  “Then again, the Congregationalist…

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1860 Churches

1860 Military - Colored Rock, John

March 2, 1860 Lydia Maria Child writes glowingly of a bust of John Brown.  “Walking up Washington Street, one may see plenty of rich jewelry sparkling in the windows, graceful…

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1860 Brown, John Child, Lydia Maria

March 9, 1860 Comments on the speech, generally find it praiseworthy, but conclude in part, with a comment from  the editor,  pointing out some “objectionable features of the speech –…

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1860 Complicity of North Seward, William

1860 Seward, William

1860 Boston Massacre Nell, William Cooper Rock, John

March 16, 1860 The story of “one of the military companies who wish to be paid for their services in exterminating the poor savages.  The recital is a horrible one.”…

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1860 Indians

March 16, 1860 From Le Progres, in Hayti, comes an article calling upon people to go to “the subscription offices opened in every town, to honor the memory of John…

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1860 Brown, John Haiti

March 23, 1860 A full two columns of this edition are devoted to this topic, translated for the Liberator.  The items are signed by the President and three Vice Presidents…

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1860 Brown, John Haiti

1860 Petition Drives

April 13, 1860 Under the Refuge of  Oppression column, an article, criticizes the enactment of Personal Liberty Laws, indicating that many in states where they have been enacted have “allowed…

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1860 Fugitive Slave Laws

1860 Churches

April 13, 1860 The story from Concord, where United States officers forcibly arrested Sanborn, creating “intense excitement” in the town. They intended to take him to Washington “to answer for…

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1860 Sanborn, F.B.

1860 O'Connell, Daniel

May 11, 1860 The article includes portions of a printed copy of a Report on the Coolie Trade made to the US House of Representatives, by the Hon. Mr. Eliot…

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1860 Slave Trade

May 11, 1860 The office of the Mass. Anti-Slavery Society, and of the Liberator, have been moved from 21 Cornhill to the Washington building, 221 Washington Street,, directly opposite Franklin…

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1860 Liberator

May 11, 1860 “A Democratic orator, addressing a meeting of his party in Philadelphia lately, exclaimed, –‘if any one dares to come into my neighborhood and preach such treason as…

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1860 Anti-Abolition

June 1, 1860 The death of Parker, in Florence, on the 10th of May, is announced.  “Few men have ever possessed such powers of analysis and classification, reasoning from cause…

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1860 Parker, Theodore

June 8, 1860 Here are speeches, in praise and memory of Parker, by Samuel J. May, Wendell Phillips, Garrison, J. Freeman Clarke, and others.

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1860 Parker, Theodore

1860 Political Anti-Slavery Association

June 15, 1860 A story of the anniversary of the group, held at the Tremont Temple.  Among the resolutions adopted is one which urges the Society “to give expression to…

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1860 Churches

June 15, 1860 A report of meeting at the Joy-Street Church, in response to the Veto by Governor Banks of a vote to remove the word “white” from the statute…

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1860 Military - Colored

June 15, 1860 A single, two-sided sheet EXTRA edition, with focus on the speech by Charles Sumner, “The Barbarism of Slavery”, addressing a Bill for the Admission of Kansas as…

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1860 Kansas Liberator Sumner, Charles

1860 Parker, Theodore

June 29, 1860 Here is a story of Cassius Clay, winning “another victory for free speech, at Richmond, Ky”. The story indicates that he had publicly announced his intention to…

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1860 Clay, Cassius Republican Party

1860 Parker, Theodore Sumner, Charles

1860 Tubman, Harriet Women rights

1860 Lincoln, Abraham Republican Party

July 20, 1860 A story from Clifton, Illinois, telling of a band of nine men from Missouri, who kidnapped three colored men living in that town.  Two others got away.…

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1860 Slave Trade

1860 Brown, John

August 3, 1860 A brief article from the Traveler, tells of American vessels in the Congo river, in June. The article implicates English vessels also, in a conspiratorial effort to…

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1860 Slave Trade

August 3, 1860 Signed by  C.K.W., this brief article is titled, Hot, Cold or Lukewarm?  It recalls the separation of the Boston Society from the National Society, and charges that,…

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1860 Churches

August 3, 1860 Three lines:  ‘The latest news from New Orleans, dated July l30th, is that two Abolitionists have been hung in Texas for distributing arms and inciting slaves to…

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1860 Anti-Abolition

1860 Separate schools

August 10, 1860 This article begins with a commendation of the American Missionary Association, as a “thoroughly Anti-Slavery body, which “bears a vigorous and active testimony against our country’s great…

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1860 Churches

September 7, 1860 Here is a letter to Garrison,  written from London, in which Thompson tells of his improved health, and that he has been able to complete forty or…

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1860 Thompson, George

September 21, 1860 This letter to Garrison, comes from William Wells Brown, who has been in Vermont for four weeks. He comments that the fact that Republicans control the elections,…

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1860 Brown, William Wells Vermont

October 26, 1860 Here, on the Twenty-Fifth Anniversary of this event, is a full page from the Liberator of Nov 7, 1835, a letter about the event from George Thompson,…

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1860 Boston Massacre

November 2, 1860 This article, from the N.Y. Journal of Commerce, appears in the Refuge of Oppression column. A few words give a sense of its point.  “The native African…

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1860 Anti-Abolition Pro-Slavery Slave Trade