February 28, 1862 Under the Refuge of Oppression column, there are three items with the heading, “Traitors”.   One of these, is from the Greenfield Democrat, and is devoted to “Garrison”.…

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1862 Garrison public personality

February 28, 1862 The extent of the fire is described, and then:  “The total loss is half a million of dollars, although some of the estimates are much higher than…

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1862 Boston Fire

March  14, 1862 President Lincoln has urged that the United States offer “pecuniary cooperation” in case any slave state should adopt a gradual emancipation of slavery, including compensation “for the…

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1862 Civil War Lincoln, Abraham

March 21, 1862 A long speech, given by Smith at the Smithsonian  Institute.  The final sentences provide a call for action:  “The question is no longer whether slavery shall die. …

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1862 Smith, Gerrit

1862 Anti-Abolition Phillips, Wendell

April 4, 1862 Here is an account of the tour in New York State, by Brown, where he has lectured on “The War and its connections with Slavery”.  In Poughkeepsie…

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1862 Brown, William Wells

1862 District of Columbia

April 11, 1862 From “C.K.W.”  this article tells that the American Bible Society has recently refused to accept a contribution from the British and Foreign Bible Society. The writer assumes…

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1862 Churches

April 25, 1862 This article includes provisions in the Illinois Constitution, on which people in that state are soon to vote, which stipulate that “no Negro or mulatto shall migrate…

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1862 Black Laws

1862 Colonization, Anti-colonization

1862 Port Royal Experiment

1862 Lincoln, Abraham

1862 Civil War

June 13, 1862 The article tells of a meeting recently held in Boston, in regard to “a new periodical to be devoted to the interests of woman.” The article includes…

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1862 Women rights

June 20, 1862 A long article tells of the tenth annual meeting of Progressive Friends, held at Longwood, PA.  The article includes a “Testimony on the Rebellion”, which says, in…

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1862 Churches

June 27, 1862 From the Dedham Gazette, there is an article about the actions at Port Royal.  “The success of the movement, now upon its third month, has exceeded my…

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1862 Port Royal Experiment

July 4, 1862 Here is call for people to gather for the purpose “of recalling to the mind and impressing upon the heart of the people the great “self-evident truths,…

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1862 Fourth of July

July 18, 1862 In the Refuge of Oppression column, from the Dayton Empire, here are some of the words:  “Down with Abolitionism!  Let this be the motto of the truly…

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1862 Anti-Abolition

August 8, 1862 A brief article tells of a deputation of citizens who met with the President, to “ascertain if he would accept the services of negro regiments”….They also told…

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1862 Military - Colored

August 15, 1862 A brief notice says that Gov. Andrew has issued a new order directing enrollment.  It says that “all able-bodied male citizens, between the ages of eighteen and…

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1862 Military - Colored

1862 Brown, William Wells Rock, John

August 15, 1862 Her death, in Kilgobbin, county of Dublin, is noted with the editor’s comment, including, “..we held her, while living, in the very highest estimation, knowing personally her…

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1862 Webb, Hannah

1862 Colonization, Anti-colonization Lincoln, Abraham

1862 Greeley, Horace Lincoln, Abraham

September 19, 1862 Predicting that it will soon be necessary for the government to resort to the draft, here is some offering of thoughts to guide non-resisters and abolitionists, in…

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1862 Non-Resistance

September 26, 1862 After the text of the Proclamation there are “Remarks”.  “Though we believe that this Proclamation is not all that the exigency of the times and the consequent…

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1862 Emancipation Proclamation

September 26, 1862 The editor poses the choices for Abolitionists in response to the draft and the war. “Already, some Abolitionists have joined the ranks as volunteers, feeling that, in…

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1862 Civil War Emancipation Proclamation

October 3, 1862 ‘The Chicago delegation, recently with the President, presented to him a memorial in favor of national emancipation, adopted  by Christians of all denominations, at a meeting held…

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1862 Churches Emancipation Proclamation Lincoln, Abraham

October 10, 1862 This is a report of a “great meeting”, held at Faneuil Hall, at which Charles Sumner  speaks eloquently.  Resolutions are passed, expressing satisfaction and support in light…

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1862 Emancipation Proclamation Sumner, Charles

1862 Davis, Jefferson Emancipation Proclamation

1862 Churches

November 14, 1862 Here is an account of the beginnings of this college, in Monrovia, including excerpts from speeches on the occasion of its inauguration.   Comment by the editor includes:…

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1862 Colonization, Anti-colonization

November 21, 1862 This account  is signed by Richard J. Hinton, Adjutant, 1st Regt Kansas Colored Volunteers.   “Our nine days’ campaign proved that negroes are splendid soldiers, will march further,…

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1862 Military - Colored

December 5, 1862 After expressing a belief that “the President is not competent to write his own official papers.”, editorial comments focus on ” what the President submits as his…

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1862 Lincoln, Abraham

December 19 and 26, 1862 “The war has not only crippled the circulation of the newspaper press generally, but is has produced such a scarcity in the materials of making…

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1862 Liberator finances