The editor comments on the beginning of his work, recalling his work with Benjamin Lundy, and indicates that since he started his work at twenty-three years of age,  “we are…

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1865 Liberator

1865 Emancipation Proclamation

1865 Andrew, John Hayden, Lewis

January 20, 1865 Here is an item from  L.M.C.  (Presumably L. Maria Child), in which she tells of viewing a bust of Col. Shaw, created by Lewis.  “I thought the…

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1865 Child, Lydia Maria Lewis, Edmonia

January 27, 1865 The editor writes of the time when he and those who agreed with him “stood alone” in the matter of demanding immediate and unconditional emancipation.  The November…

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1865 Garrison public personality

February 3, 1865 “It is with devout thanksgiving to God, and emotions of joy which no language can express, that we announce to our readers the passage through the U.S.…


1865 Abolition Movement Thirteenth Amendment

February 17, 1865 From Harper’s Weekly, this article commends that “Missouri has emancipated herself; Illinois has thrown off her black laws.”,  and then hopes that New York and other states…

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1865 Black Laws

1865 Women rights

March 10, 1865 The Address is printed here, with this introduction:  “It is without a parallel for brevity, and also for the contrite spirit and reverent recognition of the chastising…

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1865 Lincoln, Abraham

1865 Garrison public personality

March 24, 1865 The article printed here is from the Boston Traveller, and gives high praise to Garrison. The occasion of the article is the statement that Garrison intended to…

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1865 Garrison public personality

1865 Channing, William Ellery

March 24, 1865 The ninety-fifth Anniversary of the martyrdom of Attucks, was celebrated in a large gathering.  William Cooper Nell was among several speakers.  Among others recognized is John S.…

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1865 Nell, William Cooper

March 24, 1865 This article indicates that a bill for Equal School Rights has passed the House of Representatives, and though action by the Senate has been postponed until the…

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1865 Separate schools

1865 Sumner, Charles

1865 Douglass, Frederick

April 14, 1865 The article tells of the invitation by from Secretary of War Stanton, inviting Garrison to be present at the re-raising of the Flag of the United States,…

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1865 Garrison public personality

1865 Civil War

April 21, 1865 The interior pages of the paper are lined between each column with black the length of the page. These pages are filled with news on The Assassination…

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1865 Lincoln, Abraham

April 28, 1865 Here is the beginning of an account by the editor of his visit to Fort Sumter, for the raising of the flag there.

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1865 Garrison public personality

1865 Johnson, Andrew

1865 Lewis, Edmonia Lincoln, Abraham

1865 Abolition Movement Anti-Slavery Organizations Phillips, Wendell Thirteenth Amendment

April 28, 1865 A correspondent of the New York Tribune has some paragraphs about the visit to Fort Sumter. It includes a presentation made to Garrison by Mr. Dickerson, a…

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1865 Garrison public personality

May 8, 1865 Difficult to summarize, too long to quote, the editor advocates for the dissolution of the AAS.  There are then quotes  from two papers, the Commonwealth, and the…

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1865 Anti-Slavery Organizations

1865 Discrimination

May 12, 1865 This is a talk delivered by Rev. Henry Ward Beecher, at Plymouth Church, Brooklyn. He comments on a “first-work” to be done for freed people now that…

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1865 Beecher, Henry Ward Suffrage

May 19, 1865 Henry C. Wright has a strong call for the ballot right for all people.  “It is equally base and tyrannical , equally inconsistent with impartial Justice and…

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1865 Suffrage

1865 Anti-Slavery Organizations

1865 Lincoln, Abraham Phrenology

June 2, 1865 More than two full pages of speeches as the AASS considers its continuance. With the decision made not to dissolve the organization, there is a Nominating Committee…

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1865 Anti-Slavery Organizations

June 9, 1865 This letter is written by Garrison to the Society. He indicates that he will not be free to attend their up-coming meeting, but he assures the Society…

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1865 Tobacco

1865 Freedmen Bureau Reconstruction

June 16, 1865 “This new department of public affairs is destined, we believe, to fill a valuable and most beneficent place in the reorganization and pacification of the country.”   The…

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1865 Freedmen Bureau

June 23, 1865 Under the Refuge of Oppression column there is a lengthy letter from Augustin L. Taveau, Charleston, addressed to the N. Y. Tribune.  The author cites some of…

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1865 Reconstruction

June 30, 1865 “As the Liberator is to terminate its publication at the close of its present volume, we are glad to be able to commend to its friends and…

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1865 Liberator

July 7, 1865 The article commends the work by Miss Emma Stebbins, indicates that much of the funds for it were collected from children, teachers, people in “the humbler walks…

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1865 Mann, Horace

July 21, 1865 A brief notice indicating that these two colored regiments are soon to be mustered out of the U. S. service, “and may soon be expected home”.

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1865 Fifty-Fourth Regiment Military - Colored

July 21, 1865 Writing from Wayland, Child assures readers that people in the little town are “not so far behind the world’s ways as you may think”.   She tells of…

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1865 Child, Lydia Maria Suffrage

August 4, 1865 Here is an extract “from the able and well-reasoned Address of the Republican State Committee to the People of Massachusetts”. The closing paragraph includes: “..we are confident…

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1865 Suffrage

August 4, 1865 Here there is a letter from Major General James Wilson, in which he indicates that Maria Smith, the mother of Ellen Craft, is now living with colored…

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1865 Crafts, William & Ellen

August 18, 1865 Here is a condensed abstract of the provisions in the Constitutions of the slave states, in force immediately prior to secession, so far as they bear on…

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1865 Suffrage

September 1, 1865 There is a brief article from a correspondent of the Philadelphia Christian Reader, commenting “that the colored citizens are making commendable progress in commercial, moral, social, religious…

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1865 Discrimination

September 8, 1865 The men of the Regiment have been paid, received their final pay, and been received back in Boston.  Their ship docked at Commercial Wharf, and the route…

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1865 Fifty-Fourth Regiment

September 22, 1865 The editor calls attention to an article from The Nation, and speeches by Charles Sumner and Gerrit Smith, which appear in this edition. Comments on Smith’s speech…

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1865 Smith, Gerrit Sumner, Charles

October 13, 1865 On the masthead, in the upper right corner of this edition, is an extract from an unpublished letter from Lincoln to General Wadsworth.  Lincoln here speaks of…

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1865 Lincoln, Abraham Suffrage

October 13, 1865 Colored men in Baltimore have purchased a building, and organized The Douglass Institute, the purpose of which is “the intellectual advancement of the colored portion of the…

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1865 Douglass, Frederick

October 13, 1865 From the African Repository, is a brief article by Dr. Livingston, the American explorer.  He responds to a question he is often asked: “What sort of people…

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1865 Slave Trade

October 20, 1865 Here is a series of letters purported to illustrate that Garrison has expressed “satisfaction” with the Mississippi Constitution.  The editor comments:  ” the readers of the Liberator…

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1865 Garrison public personality Reconstruction

1865 Garrison public personality Separate schools