Includes item from Boston Evening Transcript, Oct 8   Refers to a handbill circulated widely in the city.  Indicates that “The Post of this morning” claims that the handbill was circulated…

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1833 Anti-Abolition O'Connell, Daniel Violence vs. Garrison & Others

The story of an Anti-Abolition meeting, Jan 22, with the Mayor acting as President.   The meeting refers to the foundation of the nation and the discussion of the fact that …

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1836 Anti-Abolition Birney, James

1836 Anti-Abolition

South Carolina Presbytery & Methodist General Conference The S.C. Presbytery asserts that: “Slavery has existed in the Church of God from the time of Abraham to this day. Members of…

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1836 Anti-Abolition Churches Pro-Slavery

1837 Anti-Abolition

Under the Refuge of Oppression column there is a paragraph from C. F. Daniels, editor of the New York Gazette. It is introduced with this comment, .. ‘How complacent –…

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1837 Anti-Abolition Lovejoy, Elijah

Jan 15, 1838, from the National Intelligencer, comes the report of an address by Robert Barnwell Rhett, to the people of Beaufort and Colleton Districts, upon the Subject of Abolition.…

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1838 Anti-Abolition Pro-Slavery

A small item appears, unsigned, and without comment: “Rabbi.  Among the proud, full-blown doctors of divinity, who are found in bitter hostility to the abolition cause and its advocates, is…

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1838 Anti-Abolition Churches

1838 Anti-Abolition Pennsylvania Hall, Philadelphia

Under Refuge of Oppression , and labeled, Polite Letters from the South, one letter, from Somerton, VA, tells the Editor:  “You can remain in Boston, and preach your doctrines, but…

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* ALL ARTICLES CHRONOLOGICALLY 1839 Anti-Abolition Liberator


* ALL ARTICLES CHRONOLOGICALLY 1841 Anti-Abolition Interracial Marriage


Under Refuge of Oppression, here is an item The Matter Understood, from the Louisville  Adv., quoting the Arkansas Gazette in response to “abolition avowals” of the Louisville Journal.   There is…

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April 2, 1836 Includes a listing of resolutions passed at an Anti-Abolition meeting, Sept 18, 1835, at the Barnesville Court House,  (city or town not given)  So. Carolina, essentially these…

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* ALL ARTICLES CHRONOLOGICALLY 1836 Anti-Abolition Pro-Slavery


January 7, 1842 Under Refuge for Oppression, with a title, A Northern Apologist for Slavery!. “A recreant New Englander is writing a series of letters for the Puritan in this…

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* ALL ARTICLES CHRONOLOGICALLY 1842 Anti-Abolition Complicity of North

January 28, 1842 The Lynn Register comments on the recent seizure and imprisonment of C. T. Torrey, an abolitionist from Mass., while attending a Slaveholders Convention, in Annapolis, MD. The…

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* ALL ARTICLES CHRONOLOGICALLY 1842 Anti-Abolition Torrey, Charles T.

August 26, 1842 From the Nantucket Inquirer, a record of several outbreaks against people assembled in an Anti-Slavery Convention.  These include the use of insulting and abusive language, the throwing…

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* ALL ARTICLES CHRONOLOGICALLY 1842 Anti-Abolition Nantucket Violence vs. Garrison & Others

February 24, 1843 Under Refuge of Oppression, there is an article from the Boston Pilot, titled, The Mania of Abolition.  Referring to recent abolitionist speeches made at Faneuil Hall, the…

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* ALL ARTICLES CHRONOLOGICALLY 1843 Anti-Abolition Churches Irish People

April 7, 1843           Three columns which illustrate the controversy within the Unitarian Association; the issue debated is over the placement of a minister with Abolitionist views in a church…

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* ALL ARTICLES CHRONOLOGICALLY 1843 Anti-Abolition Churches

November 24, 1843 Under Refuge of Oppression, here is an article from the Pilot, decrying the existence of slavery, but much against the radical abolitionists.  “The abolitionist party are a…

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* ALL ARTICLES CHRONOLOGICALLY 1843 Anti-Abolition Boston Pilot

March 29, 1844 Under Refuge of Oppression, titled Folly of the Abolitionists, this item seems to be from the Yarmouth Register, and is by a correspondent from the Plymouth (Mass)…

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* ALL ARTICLES CHRONOLOGICALLY 1844 Anti-Abolition Slavery

* ALL ARTICLES CHRONOLOGICALLY 1845 Anti-Abolition Walker, Jonathan

* ALL ARTICLES CHRONOLOGICALLY 1850 Anti-Abolition Whittier, John Greenleaf

October 11, 1850 From the Boston Courier :  “The public have been treated to some bugbear stories upon this subject, which have afforded an excellent occasion to a certain class…

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* ALL ARTICLES CHRONOLOGICALLY 1850 Anti-Abolition Fugitive Slave Laws


October 15, 1852 Under the Refuge of Oppression, there are extracts  from Rev. Dr. Joel Parker, who is simply identified as an “Evangelical” Divine.  “When the slave’s desired freedom has…

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September 30, 1853 The article indicates that recently a paper of the United Brethren in Christ, the Religious Telescope, has been “submitted to the flames at Grenville, Va., by the…

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* ALL ARTICLES CHRONOLOGICALLY 1853 Anti-Abolition Freedom of Speech Press Attacks

November 18, 1853 Under the Refuge of Oppression column, comes from the Detroit Free Press an article announcing the Decline of Abolitionism.  “…there exists , we presume to say, no…

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April 7, 1854 The Richmond Whig expresses anger at the proceedings of a New Haven Anti-Nebraska meeting, in which Professors have participated.   It asks “if the South will longer submit…

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* ALL ARTICLES CHRONOLOGICALLY 1854 Anti-Abolition Kansas-Nebraska Act

April 20, 1855 From Greensboro, Georgia, comes a letter signed “Martin”.  It tells the story of a man in town who was suspected of being an Abolitionist, no name given,…

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1855 Anti-Abolition

1855 Anti-Abolition Phillips, Wendell

November 2, 1855 Three full pages of this edition are devoted to speeches made on this occasion, by many who were present then, including Garrison, Parker, Phillips, Jackson, Wright. None…

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1855 Anti-Abolition

November 26, 1855 Here is notice of a pamphlet, now available, which contains the speeches made at the time of the twentieth anniversary of the Mob of “Gentlemen of Property…

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1855 Anti-Abolition Hilton, John T. Nell, William Cooper

February 8, 1856 Under the Refuge of Oppression column, from the Richmond Examiner comes an appeal to invoke the Lynch Law.  “In any other country than this – under any…

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1856 Anti-Abolition

February 22, 1856 In the Refuge of Oppression column, is an article from the Richmond Enquirer, titled The Modern Abomination of Free Schools.  It claims that the “worst of all…

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1856 Anti-Abolition Free Schools

July 25, 1856 A letter comes from  J. F.Cummings, in Kansas.  He tells of his return from Ohio to Lexington, Mo., where he was recognized as an abolitionist, and subsequently…

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1856 Anti-Abolition

August 1, 1856 Under the Refuge of Oppression, there is an article with the above title from the Atchison (Kansas) Squatter Sovereign. “More Abolitionists Turned Back.  The Steamer Sultan, having…

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1856 Anti-Abolition

May 8, 1857 A brief notice from the Boston Courier reports that more than one hundred prominent members of the New York Y.M.C.A. have withdrawn from the organization because it…

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1857 Anti-Abolition Churches

July 2, 1857 Under the Refuge of Oppression column, from the Newberry, S.C. Rising Sun, is a list of Friends and Foes of Slavery, copied from the New York Day…

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1857 Anti-Abolition

July 24, 1857 From the Charleston, S.C. Mercury, the editor includes an account of a celebration of Independence Day, in which there is considerable language about the “natal day of…

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1857 Anti-Abolition

July 9, 1858 Under the Refuge of Oppression column, from the Richmond Whig, an article comments on “how dangerous and troublesome” the Yankee is in the state of freedom, and…

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1858 Anti-Abolition

January 21, 1859 As a memorial signed by William Cooper Nell, is brought before the Legislature, asking for the vindication and protection of the rights of colored citizens. Rep. Mr.…

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1859 Anti-Abolition Massachusetts Legislature Nell, William Cooper

April 1,  1859 From the New York Commercial Advertiser comes an account of the “brutal and disgraceful manner”  in which a lady from Brooklyn was recently driven from  Aiken, S.C. …

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1859 Anti-Abolition

June 17, 1859 Recently convened in Baltimore, there is an article about resolutions passed. Comment by the editor includes:  “They are troubled that so many slaves run away; and they…

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1859 Anti-Abolition

September 9, 1859 Under the Refuge of Oppression column, here are extracts of a speech by Davis, before the Democratic State Convention, in Mississippi, July 1859.  The speech is statement…

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1859 Anti-Abolition Cuba Davis, Jefferson Pro-Slavery

1860 Anti-Abolition Brown, John