December 4, 1846 Under title Where Stands Massachusetts, there is a private letter to Garrison from Stephen Foster, lamenting the cool reception he and Abby have received in Hubbardston and…

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September 1, 1848 A letter to Garrison, from Benjamin F. Hathaway tells of a mob which attacked an anti-slavery meeting.  Among the speakers listed:  Parker Pillsbury, S.S. Foster, Lucy Stone,…

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March 9, 1849 Joseph Merrill writes from Danvers (New Mills), Feb 22, 1849, and praises highly both of the Fosters, who have held a series of meetings in that town.

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December 1, 1854 A letter to Garrison, from W. H. Fish, no address given, (Worcester area assumed) tells of a social gathering of abolitionists in Blackstone, an Anti-Slavery Social Party. …

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January 19, 1855 Notice of a meeting of the Society to be held in Worcester.  Signed by Adin Ballou, here is an invitation to the meeting.   It indicates that Garrison,…

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