Garrison makes his now-famous statement:  “I am aware that many object to the severity of my language; but is there not cause for severity? I will be as harsh as…

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1831 Garrison public personality

1837 Garrison public personality

Gulliver’s remarks are printed here, and the gist of his complaint is that one fault of the Liberator is that it is “cruel and unrelenting in its spirit”.  He complains…

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1837 Garrison public personality

1838 Garrison public personality Martineau, Harriet

From the American Wesleyan Observer, signed by Orange Scott.  ‘ Till within the last two years we have had unlimited confidence in Mr. Garrison. We have defended him in private…

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November 11, 1842 From the New England (Catholic) Reporter, an article is titled, “The Liberator, alias, the Disorganizer”   It names the Liberator “that mighty advocate for the slave, whose puissant…

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* ALL ARTICLES CHRONOLOGICALLY 1842 Garrison public personality

March 3, 1843 Under the Refuge of Oppression, is an item from the Maine Cultivator, signed by “Xenos”.  It evokes a “middle course” for thought and action.  “If the Garrison…

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* ALL ARTICLES CHRONOLOGICALLY 1843 Garrison public personality Garrison Strategy - Criticism

July 28, 1843 Under the Refuge of Oppression, an item from the Northampton Democrat; “It is already known to our readers that this bold reformer has come to spend the…

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* ALL ARTICLES CHRONOLOGICALLY 1843 Garrison public personality

* ALL ARTICLES CHRONOLOGICALLY 1844 Capital Punishment Garrison public personality

June 13, 1845 From the Putney (Vermont) Perfectionist …. “Garrison is a bigot on the subject of slavery.  Any deviation from his views of the morality of that and certain…

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* ALL ARTICLES CHRONOLOGICALLY 1845 Garrison public personality

* ALL ARTICLES CHRONOLOGICALLY 1848 Churches Garrison public personality

* ALL ARTICLES CHRONOLOGICALLY 1848 Douglass, Frederick Foster, Stephen Garrison public personality

March 31, 1848 From the Boston Post, there is an item, which gives space to recount the speech by Phillips, and then comments on the effect of Garrison as he…

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* ALL ARTICLES CHRONOLOGICALLY 1848 Disunion Garrison public personality Phillips, Wendell Secession Petitions

May 26, 1848  A letter to Garrison, from “Stapleton”, in Harwich.  The writer indicates that for the last month he has received unsolicited, copies of the Liberator, to which he…

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* ALL ARTICLES CHRONOLOGICALLY 1850 Garrison public personality Garrison Strategy - Criticism

February 7, 1851 Song sung by all at the twentieth anniversary Soiree:  I AM AN ABOLITIONIST  By Wm. Lloyd Garrison  Air – Auld Lang Syne I am an Abolitionist  …


* ALL ARTICLES CHRONOLOGICALLY 1851 Garrison public personality Songs

September 2, 1853 This is the record of a Psychometrical Examination of Garrison, by Andrew Jackson Davis.  It is a long article; here are some brief excerpts.  Summing up the…

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* ALL ARTICLES CHRONOLOGICALLY 1853 Garrison public personality

January 6, 1854 A large audience assembled in the Belknap Street Church for the second annual meeting of the Association.  The group had been established in the previous year, “for…

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* ALL ARTICLES CHRONOLOGICALLY 1854 Colored support for Garrison Douglass, Frederick Garrison public personality

December 14, 1855 William Cooper Nell culls from The Liberator, some memories of what Garrison has said and stood for.  , “showing that, from his first advocacy of anti-slavery to…

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1855 Garrison public personality Nell, William Cooper

March 6, 1857 Notice that Garrison is to deliver the closing lecture before the Newburyport Lyceum. There is speculation about how he might be received in his home town where…

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1857 Garrison public personality

April 10, 1857 Under the Refuge of Oppression column is a response to Garrison’s comments on George Fitzhugh’s ‘Cannibal’s All; or, Slaves Without Masters’.  “Garrison is a clamorous, hot-headed, bull-necked,…

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1857 Garrison public personality

June 12, 1857 Under the Refuge of Oppression column, from the Delaware Democrat, a few words to give its flavor:  “William Lloyd Garrison, the notorious nigger-worshipper, blasphemer, and disunionist, lectured…

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1857 Garrison public personality

February 28, 1862 Under the Refuge of Oppression column, there are three items with the heading, “Traitors”.   One of these, is from the Greenfield Democrat, and is devoted to “Garrison”.…

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1862 Garrison public personality

July 29, 1864 From the Plymouth Memorial, comes an article of extraordinary commendation of Garrison.   “It has been too much the tendency of reformers to assume an attitude of hostility…

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1864 Garrison public personality

January 27, 1865 The editor writes of the time when he and those who agreed with him “stood alone” in the matter of demanding immediate and unconditional emancipation.  The November…

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1865 Garrison public personality

1865 Garrison public personality

March 24, 1865 The article printed here is from the Boston Traveller, and gives high praise to Garrison. The occasion of the article is the statement that Garrison intended to…

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1865 Garrison public personality

April 14, 1865 The article tells of the invitation by from Secretary of War Stanton, inviting Garrison to be present at the re-raising of the Flag of the United States,…

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1865 Garrison public personality

April 28, 1865 Here is the beginning of an account by the editor of his visit to Fort Sumter, for the raising of the flag there.

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1865 Garrison public personality

April 28, 1865 A correspondent of the New York Tribune has some paragraphs about the visit to Fort Sumter. It includes a presentation made to Garrison by Mr. Dickerson, a…

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1865 Garrison public personality

October 20, 1865 Here is a series of letters purported to illustrate that Garrison has expressed “satisfaction” with the Mississippi Constitution.  The editor comments:  ” the readers of the Liberator…

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1865 Garrison public personality Reconstruction

1865 Garrison public personality Separate schools

December 1, 1865 The edition, in the last week of the year, brings an article by Edmund Quincy, written in tribute to Garrison.  “We apprehend that there I no living…

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1865 Garrison public personality Quincy, Edmund