“It is not three years since I lifted up the banner of emancipation in this city, for the rescue of perishing millions,  whose hire is kept back by fraud, whose…

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1834 Liberator

1834 Liberator

Includes a notice of the dissolution of the Copartnership of Knapp & Garrison, “by mutual consent”. With an introduction to the new volume, Garrison recites some the history of abolition,…

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1836 Anti-Slavery Organizations Colonization, Anti-colonization Knapp, Isaac Liberator

Under a column, Concerns of Liberator,  as it nears the end of its sixth volume, the editor Indicates that expenditures always exceed subscriptions, and that there are many “patrons who…

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1836 Liberator

1837 Liberator

1837 Anti-Slavery Organizations Liberator

1837 Forten, James Liberator

There is a note that “clerical and sectarian” haters of the paper are circulating rumors of its pending failure, including statements that it lost 200 subscribers on January 1st.  The response…

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1839 Liberator Liberator finances

Under Refuge of Oppression , and labeled, Polite Letters from the South, one letter, from Somerton, VA, tells the Editor:  “You can remain in Boston, and preach your doctrines, but…

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The editor comments on the beginning of his work, recalling his work with Benjamin Lundy, and indicates that since he started his work at twenty-three years of age,  “we are…

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1865 Liberator

March 11, 1842 Tells of a man killed on the Providence railroad, near the Roxbury toll-gate.  Says he was sitting on the railroad when a car passed over him, “cutting…

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* ALL ARTICLES CHRONOLOGICALLY 1848 Garrison health Liberator

November 10, 1848 Garrison announces his return to the editorship, praises the “ability, industry, and fidelity of Quincy, and then says that the water cure treatment has improved his health…

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* ALL ARTICLES CHRONOLOGICALLY 1848 Garrison health Liberator


May 31, 1850 Calling attention to the new head of the paper, there is a description of its content and meaning, including “a central medallion representing Jesus, the Liberator…”

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January 3, 1851 “It is impossible to describe the emotion we feel in commencing our third decade as the editor of the Liberator.  The contrast in the state of public…

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January 2, 1852 “We enter upon the twenty-second volume of the Liberator.  Twenty-one years, therefore, have been completed by us, in advocacy of the sacred claims of our enslaved brethren,…

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July 16, 1852 The Anti-Slavery office has been robbed.  Fifty dollars is gone, more than three-fourths of which belonged to the Liberator.  It is a “loss we are not well…

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* ALL ARTICLES CHRONOLOGICALLY 1852 Anti-Slavery Organizations Liberator

January 7, 1853 As he begins the twenty-third volume of the paper, Garrison includes here one letter from a person who cancels his subscription, and two new subscriptions.  One of…

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* ALL ARTICLES CHRONOLOGICALLY 1853 Beecher, Henry Ward Liberator

January 6, 1854 “What disclosure have been made as to the heart of this nation toward the oppressed, as to the position of the Government in regard to their enslavement,…

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January 5, 1855  “We enter upon our new volume with undiminished zeal, courage and hope – warmly proferring toall our friends and patrons the loving salutations and wishes of the…

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1855 Liberator

1856 Liberator

1856 Liberator

1856 Liberator

September 12, 1856 Notice that the city will have a holiday on the day when the statue of Franklin is to be “inaugurated”, in front of City Hall, on the…

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1856 Liberator

December 26, 1856 “We shall commence the new volume with a new and handsome typographical dress, not because of an increasing patronage, (for our circulation is still very inadequate),  but…

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1856 Liberator

January 9, 1857 From the Boston Telegraph, is acknowledgment of the Liberator’s 27th volume. It quotes Garrison as saying that ‘We have never yet published, nor omitted to publish,  a…

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1857 Liberator

1857 Disunion Liberator

August 26, 1859 The Aug 26 edition includes that it is Vol xxix, No. 34 ,  whole number 1606 The Sep 2 edition    includes that it is Vol  xxix,  No.…

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1859 Liberator

September 2, 1859 C. C. Burleigh writes to Garrison, calling attention to an error in numbering of the paper. The paper for Nov. 12th, 1858, is numbered 1456, the next…

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1859 Liberator

1859 Liberator

January 6, 1860 “With this number we commence the thirtieth volume of the Liberator.  It has been a long, desperate, eventful, ‘irrepressible conflict’ with the most ferocious and satanic system…

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1860 Liberator

May 11, 1860 The office of the Mass. Anti-Slavery Society, and of the Liberator, have been moved from 21 Cornhill to the Washington building, 221 Washington Street,, directly opposite Franklin…

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1860 Liberator

June 15, 1860 A single, two-sided sheet EXTRA edition, with focus on the speech by Charles Sumner, “The Barbarism of Slavery”, addressing a Bill for the Admission of Kansas as…

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1860 Kansas Liberator Sumner, Charles

January 4, 1861 “We commence a new decade with the same confidence in the principles we espouse, the same assurance of success in the cause we advocate, that we felt…

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1861 Liberator

January 11, 1861 “The Editor has been too ill to be able to give any attention to the Liberator this week.”

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1861 Garrison health Liberator

March 22, 1861 Here is a letter from Garrison, to John S. Rarey, Esq.   The editor affirms a recent speech in which Rarey has spoken about the humane treatment of…

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1861 Liberator

March 27, 1863 A letter to Garrison, includes two dollars, and a request for back copies of the Liberator.  The subscriber assures Garrison that copies have been read by Officers…

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1863 Liberator Military - Colored

January 1, 1864 “We begin this number, the Thirty-fourth volume of the Liberator, and, in wishing our readers one and all a Happy New Year, take this opportunity to thank…

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1864 Liberator

June 30, 1865 “As the Liberator is to terminate its publication at the close of its present volume, we are glad to be able to commend to its friends and…

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1865 Liberator