July 1, 1853 Here are remarks of Charles Sumner, urging that “in the organization of the volunteer military companies of the Commonwealth, there shall be no distinction of color or…

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* ALL ARTICLES CHRONOLOGICALLY 1853 Military - Colored Sumner, Charles

1860 Discrimination Military - Colored

1860 Military - Colored Rock, John

June 15, 1860 A report of meeting at the Joy-Street Church, in response to the Veto by Governor Banks of a vote to remove the word “white” from the statute…

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1860 Military - Colored

1861 Military - Colored

June 14, 1861 Comment is made on recent attempts in the Mass. legislature to remove the word “white” from the militia law. Though those efforts have not yet been successful,…

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1861 Military - Colored

1861 Military - Colored

August 8, 1862 A brief article tells of a deputation of citizens who met with the President, to “ascertain if he would accept the services of negro regiments”….They also told…

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1862 Military - Colored

August 15, 1862 A brief notice says that Gov. Andrew has issued a new order directing enrollment.  It says that “all able-bodied male citizens, between the ages of eighteen and…

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1862 Military - Colored

November 21, 1862 This account  is signed by Richard J. Hinton, Adjutant, 1st Regt Kansas Colored Volunteers.   “Our nine days’ campaign proved that negroes are splendid soldiers, will march further,…

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1862 Military - Colored

February 6, 1863 A bill has  been approved in the US House of Representatives, which authorizes the President to enroll volunteers of African descent in the armed forces….also stipulates that…

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1863 Military - Colored

1863 Military - Colored

February 27, 1863 “William Wells Brown, Dr. Smith, and Charles Lenox Remond, all colored, have been appointed recruiting agents for this regiment.  The camp was opened at Readville on Saturday…

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1863 Military - Colored

March 27, 1863 A letter to Garrison, includes two dollars, and a request for back copies of the Liberator.  The subscriber assures Garrison that copies have been read by Officers…

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1863 Liberator Military - Colored

April 10, 1863 Argument in the House of Representatives, of the bill proposing to make legal a militia including negro members, is recounted here.   The bill was referred to the…

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1863 Military - Colored

June 5, 1863 A detailed description the departure includes the route of the parade through the streets, the review by Governor Andrew, Frederick Douglass passing among the troops , bidding…

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1863 Fifty-Fourth Regiment Military - Colored

1863 Abolition - Southern Military - Colored

July 31, 1863 An account of the assault, including the 54th Massachusetts Regiment is quite detailed, and affirms the bravery of the unit, and the large loss of life.

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1863 Civil War Fifty-Fourth Regiment Military - Colored

1863 Civil War Fifty-Fourth Regiment Military - Colored

August 7, 1863 Here is an order by President Lincoln, insuring that there should be “no distinction as to color in the treatment of prisoners of war as public enemies”. …

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1863 Civil War Lincoln, Abraham Military - Colored

February 12, 1864 A brief article includes some of the discussion in the Senate of a bill by Sen. Wilson, of Mass., which was intended to equalize the pay of…

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1864 Military - Colored

May 13, 1864 This is based on a letter from Canton, Miss. Published in the Atlanta Appeal, April 13.  It is introduced as “evidence that the rebels are determined to…

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1864 Military - Colored

October 7, 1864 William Cooper Nell writes to Garrison, and includes portions of letters he has received from four colored soldiers.  “They contain a record of aspirations cherished, heroic deeds…

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1864 Military - Colored Nell, William Cooper

July 21, 1865 A brief notice indicating that these two colored regiments are soon to be mustered out of the U. S. service, “and may soon be expected home”.

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1865 Fifty-Fourth Regiment Military - Colored