1836 Non-Resistance



Records her presence and participation.   “Among those who cheered the meeting with their presence were two of  those of the rejected delegates to the pseudo ‘world’s convention”, Lucretia Mott and…

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July 15, 1842 Here is an “Interesting Letter from England”, signed only W.H.Ashurst, from Musell Hill, Hornsey, April 30, 1842 The letter makes a number of points: “We are struggling…

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July 6, 1849 In a letter to Garrison, Edward Search, writing for London, June, 1849, comments on his “my advertence to the doctrine of non-resistance….I am with you in the…

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January 19, 1855 Notice of a meeting of the Society to be held in Worcester.  Signed by Adin Ballou, here is an invitation to the meeting.   It indicates that Garrison,…

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1855 Foster, Stephen New England Non-Resistance Society Non-Resistance Wright, Henry

March 12, 1858 Report of the gathering at Faneuil Hallall, in commemoration of the 87th Anniversary of the Boston Massacre, and in memory Crispus Attucks.  William C. Nell chairs the…

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1858 Boston Massacre Non-Resistance

December 16, 1859 This is the speech at Tremont Temple, December 2.  “I do not rise, on this occasion, to define my position (laughter); that, I believe, Virginia and the…

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1859 Brown, John Non-Resistance

January 27, 1860 Whittier fells that in Garrison’s recent comments regarding his poems about Brown, has implied that he, Whittier, has relinquished previous strong pledges in abhorrence of war and…

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1860 Brown, John Non-Resistance Whittier, John Greenleaf

September 19, 1862 Predicting that it will soon be necessary for the government to resort to the draft, here is some offering of thoughts to guide non-resisters and abolitionists, in…

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1862 Non-Resistance