February 18, 1842 This meeting, held in the Representatives’ Hall, began at an early evening hour, and continued until almost eleven.  Speakers included Remond,  Phillips, Frederick Douglass, Abby Kelley, and…

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* ALL ARTICLES CHRONOLOGICALLY 1842 Anti-Slavery Organizations Douglass, Frederick Kelley, Abby Phillips, Wendell Remond, Lenox

November 4, 1842 From Boston Daily Bee, is an account of the Faneuil Hall meeting.  It includes a statement about a “darkey” who was not listened to, and then Phillips…

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Jun 23, 1843 Here reference is to a committee, headed by Wendell Phillips, appointed to meet with Tyler, upon his coming to Boston, to urge him to emancipate his slaves. …

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July 24, 1846 An article about Garrison’s trip, tells of the numerous people who were at the wharf to bid him well.  It also calls attention to the fact that,…

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* ALL ARTICLES CHRONOLOGICALLY 1846 British Abolition Chapman, Maria Weston Hilton, John T. Phillips, Wendell Pitts, Coffin Quincy, Edmund

* ALL ARTICLES CHRONOLOGICALLY 1848 Disunion Phillips, Wendell Secession Petitions

March 31, 1848 From the Boston Post, there is an item, which gives space to recount the speech by Phillips, and then comments on the effect of Garrison as he…

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May 19, 1848 Henry C. Wright writes from a hall in New York, the Minerva Rooms, in Broadway, May 10. He speaks of the meeting of the AASS, the day…

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March 29, 1850 There was a “Great Meeting in Faneuil Hall”,with a “large concourse of citizens”. Speakers include Samuel E. Sewall, Esq., Theodore Parker, Wendell Phillips, and a letter from…

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January 9, 1852 An item by Wendell Phillips, urges upon all readers to circulate petitions to the legislature, asking for the “extension of the elective privilege to women”.  Those petitions…

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August 6, 1852 The above is the title of the second edition of a book appearing in Boston.  It gives the reputed wealth of about 2000 men, with an aggregate…

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* ALL ARTICLES CHRONOLOGICALLY 1852 Loring, Ellis Gray Phillips, Wendell Quincy, Edmund

June 3, 1853 Record of a meeting in the Senate Chamber, filled to overflowing with a highly respectful and intellectual audience, gathered to hear Lucy Stone and Wendell Phillips, who…

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1855 Anti-Abolition Phillips, Wendell

December 14, 1860 A long article, signed by C.K.W., gives a detailed account of the event, including an account of the re-convened meeting at the Joy Street church.  Among those…

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1860 Anti-Slavery Organizations Chapman, Maria Weston Douglass, Frederick Phillips, Wendell

1860 Churches Parker, Theodore Phillips, Wendell

1862 Anti-Abolition Phillips, Wendell

1865 Abolition Movement Anti-Slavery Organizations Phillips, Wendell Thirteenth Amendment