Includes item from Boston Evening Transcript, Oct 8   Refers to a handbill circulated widely in the city.  Indicates that “The Post of this morning” claims that the handbill was circulated…

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1833 Anti-Abolition O'Connell, Daniel Violence vs. Garrison & Others

Two Epistles appear, with warnings of danger for Garrison: The first professes to be from a Bostonian, calls the Editor a damned rascal, warns that the paper is doomed, and…

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1835 Violence vs. Garrison & Others

Includes a long piece by “Hancock”,  stating that the Mayor had in fact been a “co-operator with that ruffian mob.”,  very critical of the Mayor.   Also includes items for local…

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1835 Violence vs. Garrison & Others

1835 Violence vs. Garrison & Others

1835 Violence vs. Garrison & Others

Under the Refuge of Oppression section,  comments from other parts of the country,  including one which insists that G incites such mob action in order to gain sympathy for his…

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1835 Violence vs. Garrison & Others

1836 Press Attacks Violence vs. Garrison & Others

Notice to “Friend Garrison” , from Charles Fitch, tells of abolition meeting which was disturbed by an ” irregular assembly of personages who seemed evidently to have congregated for a…

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1837 Violence vs. Garrison & Others

An account of the murder, is accompanied by a letter from John M. Krum, Mayor of Alton, describing the incident, and includes many comments from widely scattered sources, lamenting the…

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1837 Freedom of Speech Lovejoy, Elijah Violence vs. Garrison & Others

August 26, 1842 From the Nantucket Inquirer, a record of several outbreaks against people assembled in an Anti-Slavery Convention.  These include the use of insulting and abusive language, the throwing…

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* ALL ARTICLES CHRONOLOGICALLY 1842 Anti-Abolition Nantucket Violence vs. Garrison & Others

August 8, 1845 Here is notice of an Indianapolis mob murdering a colored man on the 4th of July. The man had purchased his freedom in Kentucky, many years ago.…

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* ALL ARTICLES CHRONOLOGICALLY 1845 Violence vs. Garrison & Others

September 1, 1848 A letter to Garrison, from Benjamin F. Hathaway tells of a mob which attacked an anti-slavery meeting.  Among the speakers listed:  Parker Pillsbury, S.S. Foster, Lucy Stone,…

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* ALL ARTICLES CHRONOLOGICALLY 1848 Brown, William Wells Foster, Stephen Pillsbury, Parker Stone, Lucy Violence vs. Garrison & Others

* ALL ARTICLES CHRONOLOGICALLY 1850 Douglass, Frederick Thompson, George Violence vs. Garrison & Others

1860 Anti-Abolition Anti-Slavery Organizations Violence vs. Garrison & Others

January 18, 1861 Charles C. Burleigh writes from Florence, telling of two evenings in succession when he was accosted by a mob when giving anti-slavery speeches.  On the second evening,…

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1861 Violence vs. Garrison & Others

February 8, 1861 There is one brief article from Parker Pillsbury, telling of a mob which interrupted an abolition meeting in Ann Arbor, Michigan, and a second letter from Susan…

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1861 Anthony, Susan B. Violence vs. Garrison & Others